1. Charity Work

char·i·ty (chărĭ-tē) n. pl. char·i·ties
  1. Provision of help or relief to the poor; almsgiving.
  2. Something given to help the needy; alms.
  3. An institution, organization, or fund established to help the needy.
  4. An annoying blonde girl I went to school with.

3. The Costume Closet

costumes, costumes, costumes

5. Where am I?

Where in the world is haldira?
“Ellie is the teacher!”

“Ellie is the teacher!”

This was a rough morning for Ellie.  She didn’t want to get up…at all!  She kept hiding under blankets and telling me that she was sleeping and not going to school today.  She even crawled under...
“The lights are burning my eyes!”

“The lights are burning my eyes!&#...

After Ellie woke up, we snuggled in bed for as long as we could.  She got up much easier today, though, because she said she wanted to go to school to see Adya.  When I turned the lights on, she covered...
“I want princess hair!”

“I want princess hair!”

Ellie snuggled with me in bed and didn’t want to get up.  That is our usual routine.  Once up, though, she did ask for me to give her princess hair.  She wanted her hair done like Anna from Frozen....
“Criss Cross Applesauce”

“Criss Cross Applesauce”

After a long weekend of activity, Ellie was ready to go to school.  She woke up and snuggled with me for 10 or so minutes.  And usually we need to ask her a few times to get up or tell her a few times that...

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