“Ellie is the teacher!”

This was a rough morning for Ellie.  She didn’t want to get up…at all!  She kept hiding under blankets and telling me that she was sleeping and not going to school today.  She even crawled under the dining room table at one point and covered herself in a blanket and told me she was hiding.  Albeit, she was doing a pretty bad job of it!

As I was fixing her hair, she asked me to brush her teeth.  I obliged because we were going to be running late soon…  And she had stinky breath!  LOL!  I finally got her to be OK with heading to school once I showed her that she gets to use her truck lunch box today.  She was so excited!

When we got to school, it was still wet, so we took her picture by the stairs again.  She didn’t mind, although she did look longingly at the sign where she used to take photos before the heavens started crying every day.  She wanted to show off her new lunch box.  You can tell she’s excited!  :D

It was too wet to sit in her pink chair, again.  I hope she doesn’t expect this Cleopatra routine to continue when it’s dry!

We went inside and put everything away but she wanted mama.  She started to cry, but then the director distracted her with alphabet tiles and we were able to sneak away.

She learned more about amphibians today, which is great since she loves frogs.  They had an entire worksheet going over frogs that she got to color in.  She even gave her frog some googly eyes.  She vandaleyes’d him.  Poor guy!

She also had a cooking class today where she made “frogs on a log” — or raisins and peanut butter on celery.  But before she completed the frogs on the log, she ate all her components and wanted more.  All the other kids had super cute completed treats.  Ellie just had some scraps of peanut butter left on her plate when it came time for photos!

They did a lot of puzzle work today and she decided that she wanted to teach the youngest student about phonics, shapes and how to complete puzzles.  She told the director that “Ellie is the teacher!”  I thought she was a doctor?

During lunch, she went to all the other kids and wanted their food.  I guess she was hungry today, because after lunch, they had nap time.  She didn’t want to nap (not surprised), so, instead, she sat with the director…and shared her lunch of bananas, apples and grapes.  Seriously, I promise we feed her.  She had a full lunch of her own, too!

When we got there, Ellie was unrolling her rug, so she could sit on the floor and work on her little tablet they use at school. She opened a program where the upper and lowercase letters are broken up into puzzle pieces and you need to put them back together.  She didn’t want to stop until she completed every letter in the alphabet.

As we were getting ready to leave, the director reminded us to take her blankets and pillow home for a washing.  Ellie didn’t realize that they brought the blankets and pillow to the back room, so she ran to the closet to get her stuff.  She was sad when it wasn’t there, but excited once she realized we already had it.  We were told that Ellie loves her Bubble Guppies blanket.  Also not surprised about that, either!

The director told us that Ellie is progressing very fast.  She is advancing in all areas of school so far.  Her attention span is growing and she’s picking up everything they’re teaching her faster than expected.  My little genius.

For our end of day photo, we played by her favorite rocks again.  And Ellie let us know which hand was her right hand…and which hand was her left hand.  Sometimes, I think she’s surprised we know about this stuff, too.  You know — us parents can be so behind the times!  :P

“The lights are burning my eyes!”

After Ellie woke up, we snuggled in bed for as long as we could.  She got up much easier today, though, because she said she wanted to go to school to see Adya.  When I turned the lights on, she covered herself in my blanket and told me the lights were burning her eyes.  She said they were “too hot!”  When I told her she meant they were too bright, she said, “Yes, too hot and bright!”

Since today is Thursday, Ellie had to wear her black leggings and her burgundy polo.  That also means she gets to wear her favorite Batman socks.  And she picked out her Avengers shoes, as well.  Her Vader sneakers got too dirty last time, so those are no longer school approved shoes!

Ellie wanted her hair made up like princess hair again this morning, but this time, she wanted an Elsa braid.  I did the best I could with her limited length of hair, lol!  I think she expected to have a braid as long as Elsa’s.  I explained that she needs to grow more hair before that’s possible.  Unless we get her extensions.

When we got to school, she wanted to take her morning picture sitting on the stairs again.  I wonder if that will be her new favorite morning photo location?  In the back, the chair wasn’t outside due to the rain, so had to take her shoes off and finish her part of the routine.  She is a particular kid.  I wonder where she got that from?

When we walked inside, she put away her lunch box and she wanted to play with her friends…until she realized we were leaving. She wanted me to hold her, so I picked her up and gave her a kiss and then had Ryan give her a kiss and then told her to hug the director…and when she did, the director took her and she cried and cried.  And then was fine within a minute of us leaving.  Again.  Crocodile tears, I tell ya!

She had a busy day today!  They worked more on animal kingdoms and reviewed everything they’d been going over.  Ellie got to learn more about frogs, which made her happy.  She also had gymnastics today.  They were dancing with scarves and Ellie wore her scarf around her head and looked like a tiny Russian grandmother, lol.  I called her a Babushka and she said, “No, not a bushka.  I’m Ellie!”

I figured out where Ellie learned “criss cross applesauce” from — her school gymnastics instructor, lol.  She also tells the kids to sit with “bubbles in their mouths” so they stay quiet.  Tricksy hobbitses.  All the kids got stickers at the end of gymnastics.  That’s a quick way to get Ellie to be your best buddy — offer her stickers!  :D

After gymnastics, the kids sat in a circle and worked on some math.  Ellie wanted to bring over the rug for them to work on. She loves being in charge of that rug!  They used everyone’s ages to help in counting.  Ellie let everyone know that she’s TWO!

I suggested to Ryan that we give Ellie more food options, beyond just sandwiches.  My first suggestion was grilled chicken and rice.  Originally, the director said no rice.  But other kids were bringing it in, so it only seemed fair that Ellie get rice, too.   She’s had that for the last two days and devoured every last bit of it.  Now more kids are bringing rice, too.  And I’m sure the kitchen is a mess after lunch time.  But the kids are happy!  And it doesn’t take much time to sweep up rice.  Kids are going to make a mess, regardless of what you feed them.  :D

We also found out that Ellie is sock shaming people.  She’s asking all the other kids why they don’t have awesome socks like her Batman socks.  More kids are coming in with fun socks now.  And showing them to Ellie.  My kid!

Before we left, the director asked us what our education goals are for Ellie.  She specifically wanted to know if we want her to skip grades.  Ryan and I talked about it and we feel that if we (Ryan, me, her teachers) feel she is academically, socially and emotionally ready to advance, we are all for it.  Everyone knows Ellie is extremely bright, but being capable isn’t the only factor.  Some people might feel it’s premature to think of these things, but Ellie’s current school goes up to 2nd grade.  So, the director needs to know what our plans are and what our expectations are so she can plot Ellie’s school work accordingly. Since Ellie is a November baby, I definitely want to skip her at least one grade.

As we left and got ready to take Ellie’s end of day photo, I noticed just how crazy her hair looked!  Her Elsa braid did not fair well during school!

“I want princess hair!”

Ellie snuggled with me in bed and didn’t want to get up.  That is our usual routine.  Once up, though, she did ask for me to give her princess hair.  She wanted her hair done like Anna from Frozen.  I gave her two little braids.  When I was done, she ran to the mirror and looked at her hair and jumped up and down in excitement over her princess hair.  I really love seeing her so happy about something like that.  She was so grateful that I was able to give her princess hair, lol!

When we walked up to school, she wanted to take her photo by the sign, but the ground was way too muddy.  We compromised with sitting on the stairs.  I asked her to stand, but she said stairs are for sitting.  How do you argue with that kind of logic?  XD  She showed off her braids some more.

We walked into the backyard to take off her shoes and she couldn’t sit on the pink seat, so Ryan picked her up and made a chair for her out of his arm, lol. I took off her shoes and she made sure I followed her routine.

When she walked into school, she wanted to play with her friends right away, but we made her put her lunchbox and water bottle away.  As she did that she called out a couple hello’s to the friends who were already at school.  This is the first time we’ve heard her call them by their names when she says hello.  It was particularly cute.

When it was time for us to leave, Ellie cried and cried.  She wanted me to pick her up and hold her.  And bring her home.  But, I put her down by her friends.  These were the saddest tears, too.  But, of course, she was fine the minute I was gone.  The director’s husband brought us in the front door (and out of eyesight) again, so he could show us that she was quickly back to laughing and playing with her friends.

While going potty, she took out one of her braids, so the director had to fix it.  The director later commented about how hard it is to do her hair, since it’s so curly.  Her hair isn’t even.  You can’t just part it down the middle and have an even amount of hair for both braids.  I’m learning more and more about curly hair.  I was never good at hair to begin with, lol!

Ellie had a full day at school.  She worked on the 7 continents and she worked on the animal kingdom (specifically mammals, insects and amphibians). She loves maps and planets and she loves animals, so today was a particularly exciting day for her.  They worked on opposites again, and their counting and stacking skills, as well.

When we got to school, Ellie, the director and Adya (one of her best friends there) were working on stacking a tower of blocks.  Ellie was in charge of giving out the pieces to everyone.  Of course, she wanted to do most of it herself.  Especially the very tiny block that goes on the very top of the tower.  She wanted to work on each tower on the shelf (5 total, I believe).  So, we waited for her to complete all 5 with her friend.  When they’d complete one tower, she wanted to put it away.  The director tried to get them to share this responsibility, by having them both hold the box.  Ellie wasn’t having that, though.  And Adya seemed to not be phased by just about anything.  She’s a pretty laid back little kid.  A perfect sidekick for my little girl with the larger than life personality.  One of Ellie’s favorite things to do is rolling up and putting away the rugs they sit on when they do activities like these (or getting the rug and unrolling it).  Pretty much anything to do with the rugs, lol.  She is very particular and holds it in the exact way she’s instructed to do so — with both hands.  Very careful.  It’s adorable!

After they finished the puzzles and cleaned up, Ellie was ready to go home.  She wanted to work on more frog stuff, but the director told Ellie that she had to wait until tomorrow.

We left and took our end of day photos by Ellie new favorite rocks.  She told me she wanted to make a grumpy face.  And she happily tossed rocks all over the place before it was time to head home.

“Criss Cross Applesauce”

After a long weekend of activity, Ellie was ready to go to school.  She woke up and snuggled with me for 10 or so minutes.  And usually we need to ask her a few times to get up or tell her a few times that it’s time to go get dressed.  Today, I told her that she needs to get up so she can see her friend, Hazel.  She said, “Hazel’s at school?” And then jumped out of bed and went to get dressed!

Ellie let me put her hair up in pig tails.  I love how her curly little bangs look when her hair is up.  It really changes how her face looks.  It’s wild.  She wanted to wear her Batman socks and Avengers shoes.  I was totally fine with this crossover.  She also wore her jumper, which she calls her School Princess Dress.

When we got to school, Ellie took her morning photo by the sign and then we went into the back to take off her shoes.  The director met us outside and told us Ellie said they need a blue chair to be the companion to the pink chair.  They have two boxes for shoes — one pink, one blue.  Boys and girls have separate boxes for their shoes.  And so Ellie said if they have a pink box and a blue box, they should have a blue chair to go with the pink chair they already have.  This seems like a fair statement.  I did explain to Ellie that she should be allowed to put her shoes wherever she wants, though.  And if they do get a blue chair, that she can sit in either the pink OR blue chair.  A shoe box does not dictate her gender identity.  She looked at me and said, “You’re right, Mama.”  Already knows what to say and when to say it, LOL!

We brought Ellie’s new washcloths in.  We bought a bunch of plain, white washcloths and then embroidered her name on them and sewed coordinating strips of fun fabrics, so she has:  TMNT, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Avengers, Batman.  We brought TMNT and Star Wars to school today.  The director loved them.  And Ellie does, too.  Plus she’ll always know which cloths are hers!

We left without any issues today.  And that always makes for a very happy day!

Ellie had a busy day at school.  They sang songs together during their music lesson.  Ellie loved singing Pat-a-cake.  She was also very good about cleaning up when they were doing some activities on their mats on the floor.  Ellie rolled up her mat and put it away — she likes to keep her things very organized!

When we got to school to pick her up, the director was working with Ellie and her classmates on opposites.  She asked Ellie what’s the opposite of big.  And Ellie said, “Small!”  What’s the opposite of deep?  ”Shallow!”  The director also said that Ellie’s vocabulary is exploding, which we’ve noticed, as well.  She’s talking so much more now…and is having a much easier time of expressing her thoughts.  It used to be that she would speak a bit of her Ellie gibberish and then at the end of the sentence, she’d say a word or two that allowed to you understand what she was trying to say.  I almost always had to translate for her with other folks, since I’m fluent in Ellie gibberish.  Now, she’s speaking in much easier to understand, complete sentences.  And she’s been repeating everything we say and then using new words in the correct context moments later.  It’s wild to watch!

Monday is art class.  When Ellie walked up to us, we saw that her jumper had been art’d on, LOL.  She must’ve had paint on her hands when she was done and she proceeded to use her jumper as a napkin, lol.  (Thankfully, it was water soluble paint and with a little pre-treating fun, the jumper was salvaged.)   The art teacher didn’t have to show me Ellie’s art.  I looked at the 8 or so of them on the counter and picked my daughter’s out of that line-up, lol.  Ellie walked to the counter and took her art and wanted to paint on it more, but we told her it had to dry.

Hazel and her brother and mom were all leaving before we left, so we got to say goodbye.  Hazel’s brother asked me whose mother I was.  When I told him Ellie, he said, “Oh yeah, I know her!”

When we left, Ellie put her shoes on and then we went to her old stomping grounds.  The rocks.  And I took this adorable photo of her while she was in the midst of throwing rocks all over the place.  She told me that she’s sitting, “Criss cross applesauce, just like at school!”  Man, I’ll be honest.  Today was a rough day for me.   But this little girl can really make any day so much brighter.  What a blessing!

“I care about airplanes”

Today started like all other days.  Ellie woke up and then snuggled in bed with me for 10 or so minutes.  She put on her school uniform and I brushed her hair.  While in the car, she asked me what she had in her lunchbox for lunch. First, she asked if there was watermelon.  Yes.  A sandwich.  Yes.  Then she asked if she had grapes, but I told her no.  She then asked if she had carrots, and I said yes.  She was OK with that change.  We continued talking about this when we got to school and took her morning photo.  And then she told me she cares about airplanes.  I asked if she was a Care Bear.  She laughed and said that was a funny joke.  Not even sure what she was talking about, lol!  We took off her shoes and then walked into school and put away her lunchbox.  She said goodbye easily again, which is so nice.

Ellie had a full day at school, but her very favorite part was learning about the Three R’s of Recycling: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  It was a sorting activity, so she was particularly happy about that!

We did have a small incident today.  On Friday’s, they have their cooking class.  It’s a cooking class without ever requiring the use of the oven or stove, so learning about dipping foods in sauces, or making butter…or making ice cream.  Today was ice cream day.  And anyone who knows Ellie knows that she’s a bit obsessed with ice cream.  And it’s a treat she doesn’t get very often, so when you tell her there’s going to be ice cream, well…she expects ice cream.  During the class, she was so good!  They made the ice cream and she was VERY excited.  But when it had to go into the freezer to set, well, she got upset.  VERY upset.  She threw a temper-tantrum.  She screamed and threw herself onto the floor and cried and tried to pull up a chair to climb up to get ice cream from the freezer.  They were so concerned, since she’s never acted like this before.  They thought she hurt herself or got a bad bug bite at first.  Until she finally communicated (by dragging a chair to the refrigerator) that she wanted to ice cream.  They tried to explain to her that it wasn’t ice cream yet…just cream.  But I’m the only person that can really get through to her when she’s like that, which, thankfully, isn’t often!

When we got to school, Ellie was drawing on a big ass piece of paper.  It was at least twice the size of the table she was sitting at.  No clue where we’re going to display it, lol.  Actually, I need to figure out the best way to store all of her school work.  We chatted with Ellie’s teacher’s assistant, who helped Ellie go to the potty earlier.  She said that after she helped her, Ellie said, “Thank you much!”  That sounds like our VERY polite daughter, lol!

Overall, Ellie had a great week.  She went to school for 4 full days this week, since we’re making up for last week.  And she did so well!  Next week is another week of 4 full days.  We’ll see how it goes for her.

When we left school, Ellie put her shoes on and then wanted to take photos in her new usual spot. And she even posed for me before throwing more rocks!

“Bye Mommy and Daddy”

Ellie woke up and snuggled with me for 10 or so minutes.  When we got up, we knew we didn’t have black shorts or skirt (the Tues/Thurs uniform is a maroon polo and black shorts/skirts/pants), so let her wear black leggings.  She looked so tiny in her school uniform.  Her skirts and dresses are a bit bulkier, but those tights are so, well, tight!  She let me put her hair up in pig tails, which was a nice change.  She doesn’t like it when her curls get in her face, so I think she’s becoming more and more OK with having her hair up, because it bothers her less.

When we got to school, she wanted to take morning photos in front of the sign.  As we were taking the photos, a friend arrived and she wanted to take morning photos with him, but he wasn’t having it, lol! We went to the back of the school to take off her shoes.  We loved her outfit today.  She wanted to wear her Batman socks and her Darth Vader shoes.  So cool!

Once inside, Ellie put away her lunchbox and water bottle and easily said goodbye again. She wanted to play with her friends and build a “car” out of LEGOs.  It looked more like the Weasley’s house, but I guess it can be whatever they think it is!  While there, we talked about photos for the school’s website.  I’m excited to see how it turns out.

When we were leaving, Ellie said, “Bye mommy and daddy” in a very British accent.  It was weird and hilarious!  The director of her school calls us mommy and daddy, so when we’re at school, Ellie calls us that.  At home, we’re still Mama and Dada.

Ellie enjoyed her carrots for lunch – nice deviation from all fruit, all the time.  She is still a food thief, but what are ya gonna do?  Ellie always wants to sit next to her friend, Hazel, apparently.  When Hazel’s brother asks for her to sit next to him, Hazel says, “No, I have to sit next to my friend, Ellie!”  It’s so nice that Ellie is making friends.  Hazel’s mom talked to the director about getting our girls together for a play date.  We might see if they want to go to The Thinkery.  And we could invite cousin Austin, too, so Hazel’s older brother has someone to play with that’s his own age.

Ellie had fun coloring with Mrs. Cheryl.  They sent us some photos of her coloring in the animals.  She did a pretty good job, but she still likes making lots of lots of circles when she colors.  No matter what she’s coloring.  It helps us identify her art easily, lol!

After nap time, Ellie helped put away everything, but she complains that things are too heavy.  This is an ongoing thing with her.  She has a cup of water in her hand.  It’s too heavy.  She has a bowl of grapes.  It’s too heavy.  She has a shirt.  It’s too heavy, lol!  They sent us a photo of her carrying to bags of nap mats…and she was making this super grumpy face.  That must be here new “It’s too heavy!” face.

When we arrived at the school to pick up Ellie, they motioned for us to wait outside.  Ellie was peeing on the potty and they didn’t want to distract her.  She later told me, “This is what big girls do!”  Uhm, yeah! Once we went inside, gymnastics class started.  It was more like Kindermusik, where they dance and learn about motion and moving to music.  Ellie was anxious to show off her skills…but the instructor was a bit…militant, lol.  But the kids seemed to enjoy it and I can’t imagine trying to manage an entire room of kids and do some sort of organized program.  While we were watching, Hazel’s mom arrived, so we chatted for a bit.  It’s nice to meet more parents.

The director told us that Ellie spends time in both the young class and the older class, since she’s very capable.  She said Ellie’s very bright and an excellent student when challenged. Reminds me of myself during school. If I wasn’t challenged, I was causing trouble. Never anything really bad.  Just talking to friends and distracting them while they were trying to finish their work.  Ellie is similar, lol.  She’s also a bit of a know-it-all, like me.  They showed her a picture of a jet, but wanted her to call it an airplane.  They were going over flashcards for different letters of the alphabet and the jet was the “A” card for airplane.  She kept telling the teacher it was a jet and, therefore, did not start with the letter a, lol.  So my kid!

When we were leaving, Hazel was leaving also and she was sitting on the stairs in order to put her shoes on…  So, of course, Ellie wanted to do the same thing.  We caused a bit of a traffic jam.

For end of day photos, Ellie wanted to sit on her new favorite spot.  She loves the rocks there — perfect for throwing!  :D

“I eat Spanish”

Ellie stayed up late last night because she wanted to finish watching her second Disney princess movie, Frozen.  (Her first one was Tangled, because it was on TV, so we recorded it.)  She didn’t get to finish it, since she fell asleep snuggling with me.  But, what she did watch, she loved!

When Ryan brought her down to me, she crawled into bed and quickly went back to sleep.  This has become our morning routine.  After we snuggled for much longer than we should’ve, Ryan got Ellie dressed while I got dressed and then I brushed her hair.  Ryan isn’t a big fan of brushing Ellie’s hair, since it can be a hot mess.

On the drive over to school, Ellie said she was excited that she was going to see her friends.  And, honestly, we were excited, too.  While I miss her tremendously, I can get so much more work done now.  And she’s learning at an even faster rate than we expected.

We got to school and took our customary photo in front of the school sign.  One of her teacher’s, Mrs. Cheryl, arrived at the same time and walked in with us.  Ellie sat down in the pink chair and took off her favorite shoes and put them away.  She walked into school and put away her lunchbox and water bottle.  Ellie waved goodbye and went to play with her friends.  And, again, I was so relieved that she’s no longer crying or trying to climb up my leg, lol!

The director needed some headshots of the kids, so I stayed a few minutes extra and took their photos.  And then we were on our way!

During the day, the director sent me some photos of Ellie.  She also sent me a video of Ellie going through flashcards and matching the animals, as well as identifying them and telling the director the first sound of each word.  Ellie seemed primarily interested in matching them, since she loves playing any match game she can find!

She also sent me photos from Ellie’s lunch time.  She told me that if she sees any other food on the counter, that’s the first food Ellie wants.  There were apples on the counter, so Ellie wanted apples!  Even though she already had grapes and watermelon packed in her lunchbox.

When we got back to school, Ellie was working on matching and identifying with a seasonal set of flashcards.  She went through and identified all the seasons as we watched.  She was supposed to hand out the matching cards to her classmates so everyone could get a turn, but instead she would keep the ones she wanted to match…and give away the cards she didn’t want to match.  She is so my kid!  One kid got pretty sad, because he didn’t like the cards he was given.  She then gave him a new card.  So sweet!

The director said Ellie did a really good job today.  She said Ellie is a joy.  I told her it’s because she got to do a lot of matching and picture identifying today.  And she loves both of those activities.  She also worked on her numbers, as well.  She is a big fan of numbers.  Well, except the number 6.  Not a 6 fan.

Ellie finally saw us and wanted to play with all the toys.  She had Ryan sing a song with her and then she made me a ham, cheese and egg sandwich with lettuce on a roll.  When we asked her what was on the sandwich, she said bread, cheese and…HAMBURGER!  And she laughed and laughed at this joke she just told.  She thought it was the funniest thing ever.  We got to bring home her artwork today.  We asked Ellie which painting was hers and she knew her work right away.  And so did I!

We walked outside and Ellie put on her shoes.  And then we took our end of day photos.  She loves her end of day photos…but I think it’s mainly because she gets to play with the rocks.  She posed with her painting, though, and that was my favorite!

On the way home, Ellie told me she had a great day at school.  And then she said, “I ate Spanish”…or maybe “I ate spinach”…?  I’m still unsure.  Maybe she hates Spanish?  Either way, it was a perfectly silly way to end a wonderful school day.

“Let’s Go to School, Mama!”

Ellie was extra tired this morning.  She had a full weekend of fun (including her cousin’s birthday party) and wasn’t ready to wake up just yet.  And, honestly, neither was I.  I was sick all Saturday night and Sunday.  Ellie even took care of me for an hour or so on Sunday while Ryan was out running an errand.  She rubbed my head and held my hand and told me she wanted me to be all better already.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  So, when it came time to wake up for school, she opted to crawl into bed with a very sleepy mama and we slept for an extra 10 minutes or so.  Ryan was our rock star.  He got lunch prepared, dressed Ellie and got everything in the car and ready to go.  I brushed her hair and then made my way to the car without passing out.  Score 1 for me!

We took our morning photo in front of the sign.  Ellie wanted to sit down, but we told her it was too dirty!  Her pink chair in the back wasn’t wet this time, so she was able to sit down on it and take her sneakers off.  She was happy she was able to follow through with her routine.  She walked up the stairs and put away her things and sat down to play with her friends.  No crying and climbing up my leg.  She was ready to play with her friends.  She took care of me all weekend, so it was fitting that she spent this time thinking about herself!  I was happy that this was an easy goodbye, since I wasn’t feeling super great.

Her teacher took some cute photos of her today, but didn’t send them my way.  I’ll need to ask her to email them to me!  Ellie learned how to break down her name by sounds.  She kept saying, “Eh, Ellie!”  She also had an art class today.  We got to meet the art teacher before we left.  Today, all the kids painted flowers.  She said Ellie’s was reminiscent of a Georgia O’keeffe painting. I chuckled at the thought.  But, when I saw it…I completely understood what she meant, lol!  The painting was still wet, but once they all dry, they will decorate the school for the next week.  Our daughter, the artist!

We got good news from the director, as well.  Ellie peed on the potty twice today.  That’s a huge breakthrough, since she hasn’t been wanting to pee on the potty.  It’s so frustrating, since she was so close to potty trained almost a year ago.  But, something happened and she regressed and became afraid of the potty.  Well, she’s back on track and we are so very thrilled.  The director used the watering can method.  Sit the kid on the potty and then pour water from a watering can into a bucket next to them.  The sound of the flowing water makes the kid more likely to pee…and then they are so proud they peed in the potty.  And it worked for Ellie.  Twice!  :D

The school’s director is letting us make up our missed days from last week, so Ellie will be back at school Wednesday through Friday.  How exciting for her!  Almost a full week of full days.  What will we do while she’s gone?

Once Ellie saw that we were there, she ran to me and said it was time to go home!  She took my hand and practically dragged me to the door.  I guess she missed us!  We went outside and put on her shoes.  She walked me to her favorite end of day photo spot and sat down for her customary photo.  When we got in the car, she told us about her day.  It’s amazing to be able to hold a conversation with her.  I know we’ve been able to do so for a while, but it still never ceases to amaze me.  Our Ellie Belly is such a big girl now!  And we are so very proud of her!

“School is cool!”

Ellie told me that school is cool.  I am totally excited that she thinks so! When we got back from Dragon*Con, Ellie was just too tired to go to school on Wednesday or Thursday.  We pushed our toddler an inch or two too far across the line, so we let her play hooky for two days.  She went back on Friday.  We can tell that she missed school and that school missed her!

She woke up and we snuggled, as is our morning ritual.  Once we got up, she got dressed and I brushed her hair.  Ryan woke up earlier and packed her lunch.  We drove to school and took her morning photo in front of the school sign.  We walked to the back and couldn’t sit on the pink seat, since it had rained and the seat was wet. Ellie was not happy about this change in our routine.  She sat on the stairs, instead, and I could tell that she did so begrudgingly.  The director of her school met us outside and was so excited to see Ellie.  She was worried about her a bit, but thanks to the invention of Facebook, she was able to follow our travels and shenanigans via the Geek-a-bye Baby Facebook page.  She even commented about Ellie’s costumes!  She mentioned that her son wants to go to Dragon*Con next year.  New volunteer maybe?  Ellie put her lunch box away, as well as her water bottle.  But then she attached herself to my leg.  She did not want me to leave.  Only one little friend was there, but I was able to distract Ellie Belly and get her to play LEGOs with her friend.  And then, while she was playing, we were able to sneak away without any tears.

This was a full day for Ellie.  Literally.  Her very first full day.  Instead of the normal half days she did for the first two weeks, Ellie started going to school from 8:15AM t0 4:45PM.  We were intrigued to see how she’d do with a full day at school.  When we went to pick her up, we learned all about her day.  She learned about butterflies and she learned how to make butter in her cooking class.  She also did all the usual stuff, like geography, math (bigger, smaller), sounding out letters, etc.  And she tried to steal someone’s banana.  Even though she ate grapes AND watermelon during lunch.  My daughter is a fruit thief.  And a chicken thief.  And a bread thief.  And a pretzel thief.  She’s just a food thief, LOL.  She took an hour nap, too!  The director of the school had to lie down next to her in order for her to go to sleep.  See, my daughter dropped napping around 9 months old, lol.  So, taking an afternoon nap isn’t something she’s used to doing.  But, after a long day of school work, I bet she welcomed a little siesta.  Today was particularly wonderful for me because her teachers sent me a bunch of photos and a video showing all the fun things Ellie did during the day.

When we left school, Ellie wanted to take her end of day photo in her usual place.  She loves those darn rocks!  I also love that she let me put her hair up in pigtails.  And, for the most part, they were intact when we picked her up.  She did collect an extra hair time on one of her pigtails.  We still don’t know where it came from, lol!


Ellie Likes to Write Letters

We continued our morning routine of Ellie crawling into bed with me so I can snuggle with her for 10 or so minutes before we get up.  She really wanted to snuggle for much longer, but I explained that we were short on time.  I brushed her hair and helped her get dressed.  She was pretty clingy this morning and did a lot of crying.  She didn’t want to leave me.  She knows that this morning routine means I will eventually leave her at school.  Once there (and once I’m gone), she’s totally happy.  But she still doesn’t like the idea of me leaving.

Ryan packed her lunch (sandwich, yogurt, watermelon and grapes) and water bottle and we went on our way to school.  Ellie wanted her morning photo by the sign and then we walked to the back of the school to take off her outside shoes.  Once inside, we put away her lunchbox and water bottle.  The director tried to help with this, but Ellie was adamant about doing it herself.  We chatted with the director and her husband about the website and the photos I took for them.  They seemed very pleased.  They have a few other photos that they want on the website that I didn’t take, so I’m going to edit those photos for them.  This way, the photos all look consistent.  It was time for us to go, but Ellie wasn’t having that.  She held onto me and cried again.  I gave her all the hugs and kisses…but then it was time to leave.  She cried and cried, but she was fine once we left.

Traffic wasn’t nearly as bad today, so we got home in record time. It was 8:30, so straight to work for me.  And Ryan had to pack the van for Dragon*Con.

On the way to pick up Ellie, we chatted about the upcoming road trip to Atlanta.  Ellie is such a good sport.  She’s been taking road trips since she was 4 or so months old.  We’re so lucky to have a kid who is adaptable and pleasant when traveling (and when not traveling, lol).  When we arrived at her school, Ellie was sitting on her nap mat and trying to sing another student to sleep.  She doesn’t take naps, so I guess she was trying to help everyone else nap.  I heard my name, “Mama?  Mommy?  MAMA!!!”  She occasionally calls me Mommy now because that’s what the director calls mothers.

During school, Ellie worked on her letters.  They worked on writing letters and picking out pictures of things that start with that letter.  Her teacher said she’s doing a great job and that she has an amazing attention span for her age.  They also rolled a 3 sided die and would pick out the corresponding quantity of strawberries for the number they rolled.  Ellie also got to do some connecting of dots.  She ended up drawing a vase.

We left school and she put her shoes back on.  She wanted to shovel rocks for what seemed like a lifetime, but we eventually re-directed all that energy and got her to leave the backyard of her school.  She wanted to take her end of school day photo by her favorite section of rocks.  And then another photo by the sign.  She looks so adorable in the below picture…but she also looks like she’s about the throw a rock at me.  I was prepared for anything.  :D

All in all, Ellie had a great day.  She was excited to go home, though.  And she was very upset when she thought we left her Batman flip flops or Spider-Man lunchbox.  Seriously, kid.  It’s like you don’t know us at all!  :P