Basic Stats

Elizabeth Davida Nelson
It’s in honor of my poppy, David, and also means “beloved”.
Brooklyn, NY. I spent my formative years living in Bensonhurst with my grandparents.
Current City:
Austin, TX. A big blue thumb situated in the midst of a garden of Republicans. (And yes, I voted for McCain. And prior to McCain, I voted for Hillary.)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Chestnut, I’m told.
36” – 28” – 36” (40” around the booty)
Best Physical Feature:
My brain.
How many siblings do you have?
5. Sarah, Matthew, Logan, Emily and Alicia.
Most Important Thing:
1) Family. My grandmother is my best friend.
2) Ending violence and discrimination worldwide.
I speak 6 or 7 languages fluently, according to what you consider “fluent” to be. I speak bits and pieces of over 20 languages, though. I always say that I can buy shoes in over 20 languages.
Favorite Cuisine:
Favorite Dish:
Eggplant Parmigiana
Favorite Snack:
Favorite Drink:
Water (although tea is a close second)
Favorite Book:
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (as long as the rules are ok with the fact that it started in serial form). It’s an amazing story written in bildungsroman style.
Favorite Movie:
The Wizard of Oz. It is a classic that I’ve always been in love with. That love affair was enhanced by the Broadway musical, Wicked.
Favorite Television Show:
Currently on the air? That’s tough. Can it be a three way tie? Who makes the rules around here, anyway? Uhm, Community-Burn Notice-Glee. It’s, uhm, a college spy musical. Yup.
Favorite Fandom:
Annie. Yup, the musical. It totally has a fandom full of very rich men and very sad orphans with alarmingly impressive musical talents. Oh, and those Browncoats. They’re good people.
Favorite Color:
Red. Was there any doubt?
Favorite Music:
Christmas music. Yeah, I’m actually serious. It always brings out so much emotion in me. I love how each song has this amazing memory I can associate it with.
Favorite Video Game:
Modern? Final Fantasy XI. Yes, I am a huge gaming nerd. Classic? Bomberman. I love that damn game!
Most Missed Memory:
Snow on Christmas Day. I miss going outside and playing in the snow.
Are you a Hero or a Sidekick?
I’m totally a hero. And my sidekick is Roon, a wheelchair bound wunderkind extraordinaire.
Where have you lived?
New York City, Austin, Moscow.
Best Vacation Spot:
Disney World. It’s the happiest place on Earth. I don’t care what you think. The brainwashing worked on me. Totally.

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