Meet the Family

Baby Kitty (2008)

Baby Kitty
Tabby-Manx Mix.
Birth Place:
Baby Kitty was born in Lake County, FL. Baby Kitty’s Mama came to Ryan’s door in 2002 and meowed. Ryan’s Mama opened the door and Baby Kitty’s Mama strolled in like she owned the place. (Apple, Far, Tree?) She was a black-brown Manx. She took a look around and then she left. The next day, she came back with a baby kitten in tow. From that point forward, both of the cats adopted Ryan’s family, but the Mama cat eventually ran away.
Birth Date:
Why Baby Kitty?:
When the Mama cat brought in this tiny, little baby kitten, the first thing they thought was, “Ooh, Baby Kitty!” This is how Baby Kitty got her name.
Kitty Beast, Attack Kitty, Butterball, Ferocious Kitty Beast, Kitty Hoe (she’s a little slutty).
First Injuries:
Her first injury was in 2004. Baby Kitty was scratched by another cat and developed an infection. The skin on her neck had to be lacerated. Thanks to medication that Papa applied, the wound healed completely. Her second injury was in 2011. Baby Kitty was frightened by the New Year’s fireworks, we believe, and somehow got her tail caught on something. She had a severe laceration on her tail that led the emergency clinic to believe she would require amputation. Fortunately, we brought her to our vet the next day and he made a salve that saved her tail. Baby Kitty is a hearty kitty. This is why we’ve nicknamed her Kitty Beast.
Who is her Vet?:
Current Weight:
01.03.11 – 9.5 lbs
01.23.12 – 10.59 lbs
Favorite Toy:
Live (and dead) animals. She is a ferocious Kitty Beast. She loves to hunt!
Favorite Bed:
We have tried everything with Baby Kitty. We’ve given her a proper little house for a cat, a kitty bed, rabbit fur. Everything. She enjoys sleeping on what we call her Hobo Pad. It’s a piece of cardboard from a random box that was placed on the ground one day. Baby Kitty found it, loved it and adopted it. She also adopted a purple towel that we must leave on the floor, as well.
Favorite Activity:
She is a fastidious groomer and she loves to sleep. She’s fairly fond of eating, as well. I think her favorite thing to do, though, is to go into Attack Kitty Mode. She runs around the house and attacks random things. It’s ridiculously hilarious.



Baby Tigger (11.08.11)

Baby Tigger
Birth Place:
Foundling. Baby Tigger was found in a warehouse in Houston. Someone abandoned him and his three brothers and sisters. Ryan’s friend could not find a no-kill shelter. Sadly, they were all full. The only shelter available would keep him for 3 days and then put him to sleep, if he wasn’t adopted. Ryan saw a post about Baby Tigger on Facebook and orchestrated his “adoption” as an early Christmas surprise for me.
Birth Date:
The vet and I believe he was born around 10.01.11, so that is his birthday!
Why Baby Tigger?:
When I first met him, he jumped on me, like a Tigger! He is ferocious and precocious. He is extremely curious and funny. He’s very smart; he’s a quick study! And, he has an adorably pointy tail. Add in the fact that he’s an orange tabby with adorable striping, and well, T-I-Double G-RRR.
First Vet Visit:
We saw the Vet for the first time on 11.09.11. Considering the life he led before becoming a Nelson-Campbell, he is perfect. He is healthy, well-nourished and extremely happy. Everyone at the vet clinic wanted to snuggle him (and most of them asked if they could!). The Vet clipped his nails, which was the only thing Baby Tigger wasn’t fond of, but otherwise, he was so well behaved that we bought him some toys!
Who is his Vet?:
Current Weight:
11.09.11 – 1.24 lbs
11.29.11 – 2.50 lbs
12.19.11 – 3.68 lbs
1.16.12 – 5.68 lbs
First Toy:
Small colorful mice.
First Bed:
We gave him a brown bed my Nanny gave to us for Baby Kitty, originally. He has also commandeered a red blankie (originally mine!) and, occasionally, he sleeps under Baby Ellie’s play yard.
First Vaccination:
We brought Tigger to the vet on November 29, 2011 and he was finally big enough to start his first round of vaccinations.
Favorite Activity:
He loves playing jungle gym with his Papa, which involves climbing up his legs and back and rough-housing. On the other hand, he also loves snuggling with Mama, which entails curling up with me and letting me pet his belly. :D

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