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Since 1997, I’ve been involved in numerous requested appearances in a variety of mediums.  I’ve spoken at schools, club meetings, conventions.

I’m always excited to be involved in new projects and lend my expertise (or, in some cases, vast amounts of creative energy!)

I have participated in numerous types of programming, such as:

Hosting Individuals Panels

I’ve hosted panels spanning topics such as The Linguistics of Middle Earth to How to start a non-profit organization.  There are a variety of topics I’m ready to discuss including costuming and cosplay, accessory construction, photography, language and literature, social networking in relation to charities and fandom, fashion, etc.  I believe I can offer an expert opinion on Joss Whedon/Browncoat related panels, because I am involved in this fandom as a fan, a Chairman of a charity (Austin Browncoats) and a professional (through my work with QMx).

Participating in Round Table Panels

I enjoy participating in Round Table panels and group panels the most!  The opportunity to answer questions about specific themes, such as Warrior Women by Joss Whedon or Podcasting 101 is extremely rewarding.  I feel, as a panelist, you feed off the energy of not only your audience, but also the people on the panel with you.  I am available to discuss a number of topics from linguistics and history to geek culture and technology.  I am also available to discuss gaming in a variety of forms, as well, such as casual and competitive.


I’ve been asked to do a number of readings at events.  Since I am fluent in 7 languages and can read prose in a couple dozen languages, I can do readings at your event.  I can read my own poetry, as well.  The majority of my written work is in English, although I have a few pieces in Italian and Russian.  Most of my foreign language readings have been from fantasy and science fiction novels.


I am an experienced, tried and true auctioneer.  I’ve been responsible for a number of high dollar auctions, including Can’t Stop The Serenity Austin and San Antonio, San Japan and IKKiCON’s charity auctions, as well as the Sci-Fi Hero Dinner at Dragon*Con.  Thanks to my unconventional auctioneering methods, I’ve helped raised thousands of dollars for charity.  I specialize in geek-related goods, since I like to personalize each auction and get the crowd involved as much as possible.  My style of auctioneering involves a lot of humor and competition, so it will be an entertaining experience for your attendees!


I am available to emcee just about any event!  I’ve emceed contests (karaoke, dance), panels, auctions, charity functions, large galas, concerts and more!  Conventions I’ve assisted include Dragon*Con, Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Firefly and Serenity and IKKiCON. I’ve always been an extremely capable public speaker and feel that I am very comfortable in situations that require adaptability and ad-libbing.  I enjoy working with a team of people, as well, and am quick-witted.


In the past four years, I’ve been modeling more and really enjoy this medium.  I am available to model clothing and costumes for photography and runway.  My measurements do fluctuate throughout the year, though they are typically around 36”-28”-36”.


I have an extensive closet of costumes available to showcase at your event.  My costumes range from anime to science fiction to steampunk to comic.  Many of them are replicas, although I have started creating unique characters, as well.  I am involved with the Austin Costumers Guild, Designs by Talon, Ma Cobb’s Creations, Outrageous Outfits, 501st, 76th Battalion and a few other organizations who specialize in costuming.  My specific skills are in accuracy, detailing and accessories.

If you invite me as a guest, my requirements are:

Travel Expenses, Hotel Room

If I am not already attending your event, travel and hotel expense reimbursement would be required.  If I’m already attending this convention for work (Austin Browncoats, QMx), travel and hotel expense reimbursement/payment is waived.  That being said, the offer of reimbursement/payment is still appreciated.

I often drive to conventions, since I’m based out of Austin, TX – a central location.  This will often lower the cost of travel expenses.

Booth Space

If I am not already attending your event as a dealer, presuming you offer booth spaces, one would be greatly appreciated.  The booth would be for Austin Browncoats, my non-profit organization.  All proceeds go to charity.  Items for sale can be found at our online store, Whedon Wares.  I believe you will find that our booth has a variety of geeky wares that would be a hit with your event.  Our booth is one of the number one shopping locales for attendees at huge conventions, such as Dragon*Con, NYCC, A-Kon and more!

Appearance Fee

I never charge appearance or per diem fees.

Want to book me?

If you’re interested in inviting me as a guest, please use my contact page in order to send me more information.

Thank you for your interest!

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