“Bye Mommy and Daddy”

Ellie woke up and snuggled with me for 10 or so minutes.  When we got up, we knew we didn’t have black shorts or skirt (the Tues/Thurs uniform is a maroon polo and black shorts/skirts/pants), so let her wear black leggings.  She looked so tiny in her school uniform.  Her skirts and dresses are a bit bulkier, but those tights are so, well, tight!  She let me put her hair up in pig tails, which was a nice change.  She doesn’t like it when her curls get in her face, so I think she’s becoming more and more OK with having her hair up, because it bothers her less.

When we got to school, she wanted to take morning photos in front of the sign.  As we were taking the photos, a friend arrived and she wanted to take morning photos with him, but he wasn’t having it, lol! We went to the back of the school to take off her shoes.  We loved her outfit today.  She wanted to wear her Batman socks and her Darth Vader shoes.  So cool!

Once inside, Ellie put away her lunchbox and water bottle and easily said goodbye again. She wanted to play with her friends and build a “car” out of LEGOs.  It looked more like the Weasley’s house, but I guess it can be whatever they think it is!  While there, we talked about photos for the school’s website.  I’m excited to see how it turns out.

When we were leaving, Ellie said, “Bye mommy and daddy” in a very British accent.  It was weird and hilarious!  The director of her school calls us mommy and daddy, so when we’re at school, Ellie calls us that.  At home, we’re still Mama and Dada.

Ellie enjoyed her carrots for lunch – nice deviation from all fruit, all the time.  She is still a food thief, but what are ya gonna do?  Ellie always wants to sit next to her friend, Hazel, apparently.  When Hazel’s brother asks for her to sit next to him, Hazel says, “No, I have to sit next to my friend, Ellie!”  It’s so nice that Ellie is making friends.  Hazel’s mom talked to the director about getting our girls together for a play date.  We might see if they want to go to The Thinkery.  And we could invite cousin Austin, too, so Hazel’s older brother has someone to play with that’s his own age.

Ellie had fun coloring with Mrs. Cheryl.  They sent us some photos of her coloring in the animals.  She did a pretty good job, but she still likes making lots of lots of circles when she colors.  No matter what she’s coloring.  It helps us identify her art easily, lol!

After nap time, Ellie helped put away everything, but she complains that things are too heavy.  This is an ongoing thing with her.  She has a cup of water in her hand.  It’s too heavy.  She has a bowl of grapes.  It’s too heavy.  She has a shirt.  It’s too heavy, lol!  They sent us a photo of her carrying to bags of nap mats…and she was making this super grumpy face.  That must be here new “It’s too heavy!” face.

When we arrived at the school to pick up Ellie, they motioned for us to wait outside.  Ellie was peeing on the potty and they didn’t want to distract her.  She later told me, “This is what big girls do!”  Uhm, yeah! Once we went inside, gymnastics class started.  It was more like Kindermusik, where they dance and learn about motion and moving to music.  Ellie was anxious to show off her skills…but the instructor was a bit…militant, lol.  But the kids seemed to enjoy it and I can’t imagine trying to manage an entire room of kids and do some sort of organized program.  While we were watching, Hazel’s mom arrived, so we chatted for a bit.  It’s nice to meet more parents.

The director told us that Ellie spends time in both the young class and the older class, since she’s very capable.  She said Ellie’s very bright and an excellent student when challenged. Reminds me of myself during school. If I wasn’t challenged, I was causing trouble. Never anything really bad.  Just talking to friends and distracting them while they were trying to finish their work.  Ellie is similar, lol.  She’s also a bit of a know-it-all, like me.  They showed her a picture of a jet, but wanted her to call it an airplane.  They were going over flashcards for different letters of the alphabet and the jet was the “A” card for airplane.  She kept telling the teacher it was a jet and, therefore, did not start with the letter a, lol.  So my kid!

When we were leaving, Hazel was leaving also and she was sitting on the stairs in order to put her shoes on…  So, of course, Ellie wanted to do the same thing.  We caused a bit of a traffic jam.

For end of day photos, Ellie wanted to sit on her new favorite spot.  She loves the rocks there — perfect for throwing!  :D

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