“Criss Cross Applesauce”

After a long weekend of activity, Ellie was ready to go to school.  She woke up and snuggled with me for 10 or so minutes.  And usually we need to ask her a few times to get up or tell her a few times that it’s time to go get dressed.  Today, I told her that she needs to get up so she can see her friend, Hazel.  She said, “Hazel’s at school?” And then jumped out of bed and went to get dressed!

Ellie let me put her hair up in pig tails.  I love how her curly little bangs look when her hair is up.  It really changes how her face looks.  It’s wild.  She wanted to wear her Batman socks and Avengers shoes.  I was totally fine with this crossover.  She also wore her jumper, which she calls her School Princess Dress.

When we got to school, Ellie took her morning photo by the sign and then we went into the back to take off her shoes.  The director met us outside and told us Ellie said they need a blue chair to be the companion to the pink chair.  They have two boxes for shoes — one pink, one blue.  Boys and girls have separate boxes for their shoes.  And so Ellie said if they have a pink box and a blue box, they should have a blue chair to go with the pink chair they already have.  This seems like a fair statement.  I did explain to Ellie that she should be allowed to put her shoes wherever she wants, though.  And if they do get a blue chair, that she can sit in either the pink OR blue chair.  A shoe box does not dictate her gender identity.  She looked at me and said, “You’re right, Mama.”  Already knows what to say and when to say it, LOL!

We brought Ellie’s new washcloths in.  We bought a bunch of plain, white washcloths and then embroidered her name on them and sewed coordinating strips of fun fabrics, so she has:  TMNT, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Avengers, Batman.  We brought TMNT and Star Wars to school today.  The director loved them.  And Ellie does, too.  Plus she’ll always know which cloths are hers!

We left without any issues today.  And that always makes for a very happy day!

Ellie had a busy day at school.  They sang songs together during their music lesson.  Ellie loved singing Pat-a-cake.  She was also very good about cleaning up when they were doing some activities on their mats on the floor.  Ellie rolled up her mat and put it away — she likes to keep her things very organized!

When we got to school to pick her up, the director was working with Ellie and her classmates on opposites.  She asked Ellie what’s the opposite of big.  And Ellie said, “Small!”  What’s the opposite of deep?  ”Shallow!”  The director also said that Ellie’s vocabulary is exploding, which we’ve noticed, as well.  She’s talking so much more now…and is having a much easier time of expressing her thoughts.  It used to be that she would speak a bit of her Ellie gibberish and then at the end of the sentence, she’d say a word or two that allowed to you understand what she was trying to say.  I almost always had to translate for her with other folks, since I’m fluent in Ellie gibberish.  Now, she’s speaking in much easier to understand, complete sentences.  And she’s been repeating everything we say and then using new words in the correct context moments later.  It’s wild to watch!

Monday is art class.  When Ellie walked up to us, we saw that her jumper had been art’d on, LOL.  She must’ve had paint on her hands when she was done and she proceeded to use her jumper as a napkin, lol.  (Thankfully, it was water soluble paint and with a little pre-treating fun, the jumper was salvaged.)   The art teacher didn’t have to show me Ellie’s art.  I looked at the 8 or so of them on the counter and picked my daughter’s out of that line-up, lol.  Ellie walked to the counter and took her art and wanted to paint on it more, but we told her it had to dry.

Hazel and her brother and mom were all leaving before we left, so we got to say goodbye.  Hazel’s brother asked me whose mother I was.  When I told him Ellie, he said, “Oh yeah, I know her!”

When we left, Ellie put her shoes on and then we went to her old stomping grounds.  The rocks.  And I took this adorable photo of her while she was in the midst of throwing rocks all over the place.  She told me that she’s sitting, “Criss cross applesauce, just like at school!”  Man, I’ll be honest.  Today was a rough day for me.   But this little girl can really make any day so much brighter.  What a blessing!

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