“Ellie is the teacher!”

This was a rough morning for Ellie.  She didn’t want to get up…at all!  She kept hiding under blankets and telling me that she was sleeping and not going to school today.  She even crawled under the dining room table at one point and covered herself in a blanket and told me she was hiding.  Albeit, she was doing a pretty bad job of it!

As I was fixing her hair, she asked me to brush her teeth.  I obliged because we were going to be running late soon…  And she had stinky breath!  LOL!  I finally got her to be OK with heading to school once I showed her that she gets to use her truck lunch box today.  She was so excited!

When we got to school, it was still wet, so we took her picture by the stairs again.  She didn’t mind, although she did look longingly at the sign where she used to take photos before the heavens started crying every day.  She wanted to show off her new lunch box.  You can tell she’s excited!  :D

It was too wet to sit in her pink chair, again.  I hope she doesn’t expect this Cleopatra routine to continue when it’s dry!

We went inside and put everything away but she wanted mama.  She started to cry, but then the director distracted her with alphabet tiles and we were able to sneak away.

She learned more about amphibians today, which is great since she loves frogs.  They had an entire worksheet going over frogs that she got to color in.  She even gave her frog some googly eyes.  She vandaleyes’d him.  Poor guy!

She also had a cooking class today where she made “frogs on a log” — or raisins and peanut butter on celery.  But before she completed the frogs on the log, she ate all her components and wanted more.  All the other kids had super cute completed treats.  Ellie just had some scraps of peanut butter left on her plate when it came time for photos!

They did a lot of puzzle work today and she decided that she wanted to teach the youngest student about phonics, shapes and how to complete puzzles.  She told the director that “Ellie is the teacher!”  I thought she was a doctor?

During lunch, she went to all the other kids and wanted their food.  I guess she was hungry today, because after lunch, they had nap time.  She didn’t want to nap (not surprised), so, instead, she sat with the director…and shared her lunch of bananas, apples and grapes.  Seriously, I promise we feed her.  She had a full lunch of her own, too!

When we got there, Ellie was unrolling her rug, so she could sit on the floor and work on her little tablet they use at school. She opened a program where the upper and lowercase letters are broken up into puzzle pieces and you need to put them back together.  She didn’t want to stop until she completed every letter in the alphabet.

As we were getting ready to leave, the director reminded us to take her blankets and pillow home for a washing.  Ellie didn’t realize that they brought the blankets and pillow to the back room, so she ran to the closet to get her stuff.  She was sad when it wasn’t there, but excited once she realized we already had it.  We were told that Ellie loves her Bubble Guppies blanket.  Also not surprised about that, either!

The director told us that Ellie is progressing very fast.  She is advancing in all areas of school so far.  Her attention span is growing and she’s picking up everything they’re teaching her faster than expected.  My little genius.

For our end of day photo, we played by her favorite rocks again.  And Ellie let us know which hand was her right hand…and which hand was her left hand.  Sometimes, I think she’s surprised we know about this stuff, too.  You know — us parents can be so behind the times!  :P

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