“I care about airplanes”

Today started like all other days.  Ellie woke up and then snuggled in bed with me for 10 or so minutes.  She put on her school uniform and I brushed her hair.  While in the car, she asked me what she had in her lunchbox for lunch. First, she asked if there was watermelon.  Yes.  A sandwich.  Yes.  Then she asked if she had grapes, but I told her no.  She then asked if she had carrots, and I said yes.  She was OK with that change.  We continued talking about this when we got to school and took her morning photo.  And then she told me she cares about airplanes.  I asked if she was a Care Bear.  She laughed and said that was a funny joke.  Not even sure what she was talking about, lol!  We took off her shoes and then walked into school and put away her lunchbox.  She said goodbye easily again, which is so nice.

Ellie had a full day at school, but her very favorite part was learning about the Three R’s of Recycling: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  It was a sorting activity, so she was particularly happy about that!

We did have a small incident today.  On Friday’s, they have their cooking class.  It’s a cooking class without ever requiring the use of the oven or stove, so learning about dipping foods in sauces, or making butter…or making ice cream.  Today was ice cream day.  And anyone who knows Ellie knows that she’s a bit obsessed with ice cream.  And it’s a treat she doesn’t get very often, so when you tell her there’s going to be ice cream, well…she expects ice cream.  During the class, she was so good!  They made the ice cream and she was VERY excited.  But when it had to go into the freezer to set, well, she got upset.  VERY upset.  She threw a temper-tantrum.  She screamed and threw herself onto the floor and cried and tried to pull up a chair to climb up to get ice cream from the freezer.  They were so concerned, since she’s never acted like this before.  They thought she hurt herself or got a bad bug bite at first.  Until she finally communicated (by dragging a chair to the refrigerator) that she wanted to ice cream.  They tried to explain to her that it wasn’t ice cream yet…just cream.  But I’m the only person that can really get through to her when she’s like that, which, thankfully, isn’t often!

When we got to school, Ellie was drawing on a big ass piece of paper.  It was at least twice the size of the table she was sitting at.  No clue where we’re going to display it, lol.  Actually, I need to figure out the best way to store all of her school work.  We chatted with Ellie’s teacher’s assistant, who helped Ellie go to the potty earlier.  She said that after she helped her, Ellie said, “Thank you much!”  That sounds like our VERY polite daughter, lol!

Overall, Ellie had a great week.  She went to school for 4 full days this week, since we’re making up for last week.  And she did so well!  Next week is another week of 4 full days.  We’ll see how it goes for her.

When we left school, Ellie put her shoes on and then wanted to take photos in her new usual spot. And she even posed for me before throwing more rocks!

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