“I eat Spanish”

Ellie stayed up late last night because she wanted to finish watching her second Disney princess movie, Frozen.  (Her first one was Tangled, because it was on TV, so we recorded it.)  She didn’t get to finish it, since she fell asleep snuggling with me.  But, what she did watch, she loved!

When Ryan brought her down to me, she crawled into bed and quickly went back to sleep.  This has become our morning routine.  After we snuggled for much longer than we should’ve, Ryan got Ellie dressed while I got dressed and then I brushed her hair.  Ryan isn’t a big fan of brushing Ellie’s hair, since it can be a hot mess.

On the drive over to school, Ellie said she was excited that she was going to see her friends.  And, honestly, we were excited, too.  While I miss her tremendously, I can get so much more work done now.  And she’s learning at an even faster rate than we expected.

We got to school and took our customary photo in front of the school sign.  One of her teacher’s, Mrs. Cheryl, arrived at the same time and walked in with us.  Ellie sat down in the pink chair and took off her favorite shoes and put them away.  She walked into school and put away her lunchbox and water bottle.  Ellie waved goodbye and went to play with her friends.  And, again, I was so relieved that she’s no longer crying or trying to climb up my leg, lol!

The director needed some headshots of the kids, so I stayed a few minutes extra and took their photos.  And then we were on our way!

During the day, the director sent me some photos of Ellie.  She also sent me a video of Ellie going through flashcards and matching the animals, as well as identifying them and telling the director the first sound of each word.  Ellie seemed primarily interested in matching them, since she loves playing any match game she can find!

She also sent me photos from Ellie’s lunch time.  She told me that if she sees any other food on the counter, that’s the first food Ellie wants.  There were apples on the counter, so Ellie wanted apples!  Even though she already had grapes and watermelon packed in her lunchbox.

When we got back to school, Ellie was working on matching and identifying with a seasonal set of flashcards.  She went through and identified all the seasons as we watched.  She was supposed to hand out the matching cards to her classmates so everyone could get a turn, but instead she would keep the ones she wanted to match…and give away the cards she didn’t want to match.  She is so my kid!  One kid got pretty sad, because he didn’t like the cards he was given.  She then gave him a new card.  So sweet!

The director said Ellie did a really good job today.  She said Ellie is a joy.  I told her it’s because she got to do a lot of matching and picture identifying today.  And she loves both of those activities.  She also worked on her numbers, as well.  She is a big fan of numbers.  Well, except the number 6.  Not a 6 fan.

Ellie finally saw us and wanted to play with all the toys.  She had Ryan sing a song with her and then she made me a ham, cheese and egg sandwich with lettuce on a roll.  When we asked her what was on the sandwich, she said bread, cheese and…HAMBURGER!  And she laughed and laughed at this joke she just told.  She thought it was the funniest thing ever.  We got to bring home her artwork today.  We asked Ellie which painting was hers and she knew her work right away.  And so did I!

We walked outside and Ellie put on her shoes.  And then we took our end of day photos.  She loves her end of day photos…but I think it’s mainly because she gets to play with the rocks.  She posed with her painting, though, and that was my favorite!

On the way home, Ellie told me she had a great day at school.  And then she said, “I ate Spanish”…or maybe “I ate spinach”…?  I’m still unsure.  Maybe she hates Spanish?  Either way, it was a perfectly silly way to end a wonderful school day.

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