“I want princess hair!”

Ellie snuggled with me in bed and didn’t want to get up.  That is our usual routine.  Once up, though, she did ask for me to give her princess hair.  She wanted her hair done like Anna from Frozen.  I gave her two little braids.  When I was done, she ran to the mirror and looked at her hair and jumped up and down in excitement over her princess hair.  I really love seeing her so happy about something like that.  She was so grateful that I was able to give her princess hair, lol!

When we walked up to school, she wanted to take her photo by the sign, but the ground was way too muddy.  We compromised with sitting on the stairs.  I asked her to stand, but she said stairs are for sitting.  How do you argue with that kind of logic?  XD  She showed off her braids some more.

We walked into the backyard to take off her shoes and she couldn’t sit on the pink seat, so Ryan picked her up and made a chair for her out of his arm, lol. I took off her shoes and she made sure I followed her routine.

When she walked into school, she wanted to play with her friends right away, but we made her put her lunchbox and water bottle away.  As she did that she called out a couple hello’s to the friends who were already at school.  This is the first time we’ve heard her call them by their names when she says hello.  It was particularly cute.

When it was time for us to leave, Ellie cried and cried.  She wanted me to pick her up and hold her.  And bring her home.  But, I put her down by her friends.  These were the saddest tears, too.  But, of course, she was fine the minute I was gone.  The director’s husband brought us in the front door (and out of eyesight) again, so he could show us that she was quickly back to laughing and playing with her friends.

While going potty, she took out one of her braids, so the director had to fix it.  The director later commented about how hard it is to do her hair, since it’s so curly.  Her hair isn’t even.  You can’t just part it down the middle and have an even amount of hair for both braids.  I’m learning more and more about curly hair.  I was never good at hair to begin with, lol!

Ellie had a full day at school.  She worked on the 7 continents and she worked on the animal kingdom (specifically mammals, insects and amphibians). She loves maps and planets and she loves animals, so today was a particularly exciting day for her.  They worked on opposites again, and their counting and stacking skills, as well.

When we got to school, Ellie, the director and Adya (one of her best friends there) were working on stacking a tower of blocks.  Ellie was in charge of giving out the pieces to everyone.  Of course, she wanted to do most of it herself.  Especially the very tiny block that goes on the very top of the tower.  She wanted to work on each tower on the shelf (5 total, I believe).  So, we waited for her to complete all 5 with her friend.  When they’d complete one tower, she wanted to put it away.  The director tried to get them to share this responsibility, by having them both hold the box.  Ellie wasn’t having that, though.  And Adya seemed to not be phased by just about anything.  She’s a pretty laid back little kid.  A perfect sidekick for my little girl with the larger than life personality.  One of Ellie’s favorite things to do is rolling up and putting away the rugs they sit on when they do activities like these (or getting the rug and unrolling it).  Pretty much anything to do with the rugs, lol.  She is very particular and holds it in the exact way she’s instructed to do so — with both hands.  Very careful.  It’s adorable!

After they finished the puzzles and cleaned up, Ellie was ready to go home.  She wanted to work on more frog stuff, but the director told Ellie that she had to wait until tomorrow.

We left and took our end of day photos by Ellie new favorite rocks.  She told me she wanted to make a grumpy face.  And she happily tossed rocks all over the place before it was time to head home.

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