“Let’s Go to School, Mama!”

Ellie was extra tired this morning.  She had a full weekend of fun (including her cousin’s birthday party) and wasn’t ready to wake up just yet.  And, honestly, neither was I.  I was sick all Saturday night and Sunday.  Ellie even took care of me for an hour or so on Sunday while Ryan was out running an errand.  She rubbed my head and held my hand and told me she wanted me to be all better already.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  So, when it came time to wake up for school, she opted to crawl into bed with a very sleepy mama and we slept for an extra 10 minutes or so.  Ryan was our rock star.  He got lunch prepared, dressed Ellie and got everything in the car and ready to go.  I brushed her hair and then made my way to the car without passing out.  Score 1 for me!

We took our morning photo in front of the sign.  Ellie wanted to sit down, but we told her it was too dirty!  Her pink chair in the back wasn’t wet this time, so she was able to sit down on it and take her sneakers off.  She was happy she was able to follow through with her routine.  She walked up the stairs and put away her things and sat down to play with her friends.  No crying and climbing up my leg.  She was ready to play with her friends.  She took care of me all weekend, so it was fitting that she spent this time thinking about herself!  I was happy that this was an easy goodbye, since I wasn’t feeling super great.

Her teacher took some cute photos of her today, but didn’t send them my way.  I’ll need to ask her to email them to me!  Ellie learned how to break down her name by sounds.  She kept saying, “Eh, Ellie!”  She also had an art class today.  We got to meet the art teacher before we left.  Today, all the kids painted flowers.  She said Ellie’s was reminiscent of a Georgia O’keeffe painting. I chuckled at the thought.  But, when I saw it…I completely understood what she meant, lol!  The painting was still wet, but once they all dry, they will decorate the school for the next week.  Our daughter, the artist!

We got good news from the director, as well.  Ellie peed on the potty twice today.  That’s a huge breakthrough, since she hasn’t been wanting to pee on the potty.  It’s so frustrating, since she was so close to potty trained almost a year ago.  But, something happened and she regressed and became afraid of the potty.  Well, she’s back on track and we are so very thrilled.  The director used the watering can method.  Sit the kid on the potty and then pour water from a watering can into a bucket next to them.  The sound of the flowing water makes the kid more likely to pee…and then they are so proud they peed in the potty.  And it worked for Ellie.  Twice!  :D

The school’s director is letting us make up our missed days from last week, so Ellie will be back at school Wednesday through Friday.  How exciting for her!  Almost a full week of full days.  What will we do while she’s gone?

Once Ellie saw that we were there, she ran to me and said it was time to go home!  She took my hand and practically dragged me to the door.  I guess she missed us!  We went outside and put on her shoes.  She walked me to her favorite end of day photo spot and sat down for her customary photo.  When we got in the car, she told us about her day.  It’s amazing to be able to hold a conversation with her.  I know we’ve been able to do so for a while, but it still never ceases to amaze me.  Our Ellie Belly is such a big girl now!  And we are so very proud of her!

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