“School is cool!”

Ellie told me that school is cool.  I am totally excited that she thinks so! When we got back from Dragon*Con, Ellie was just too tired to go to school on Wednesday or Thursday.  We pushed our toddler an inch or two too far across the line, so we let her play hooky for two days.  She went back on Friday.  We can tell that she missed school and that school missed her!

She woke up and we snuggled, as is our morning ritual.  Once we got up, she got dressed and I brushed her hair.  Ryan woke up earlier and packed her lunch.  We drove to school and took her morning photo in front of the school sign.  We walked to the back and couldn’t sit on the pink seat, since it had rained and the seat was wet. Ellie was not happy about this change in our routine.  She sat on the stairs, instead, and I could tell that she did so begrudgingly.  The director of her school met us outside and was so excited to see Ellie.  She was worried about her a bit, but thanks to the invention of Facebook, she was able to follow our travels and shenanigans via the Geek-a-bye Baby Facebook page.  She even commented about Ellie’s costumes!  She mentioned that her son wants to go to Dragon*Con next year.  New volunteer maybe?  Ellie put her lunch box away, as well as her water bottle.  But then she attached herself to my leg.  She did not want me to leave.  Only one little friend was there, but I was able to distract Ellie Belly and get her to play LEGOs with her friend.  And then, while she was playing, we were able to sneak away without any tears.

This was a full day for Ellie.  Literally.  Her very first full day.  Instead of the normal half days she did for the first two weeks, Ellie started going to school from 8:15AM t0 4:45PM.  We were intrigued to see how she’d do with a full day at school.  When we went to pick her up, we learned all about her day.  She learned about butterflies and she learned how to make butter in her cooking class.  She also did all the usual stuff, like geography, math (bigger, smaller), sounding out letters, etc.  And she tried to steal someone’s banana.  Even though she ate grapes AND watermelon during lunch.  My daughter is a fruit thief.  And a chicken thief.  And a bread thief.  And a pretzel thief.  She’s just a food thief, LOL.  She took an hour nap, too!  The director of the school had to lie down next to her in order for her to go to sleep.  See, my daughter dropped napping around 9 months old, lol.  So, taking an afternoon nap isn’t something she’s used to doing.  But, after a long day of school work, I bet she welcomed a little siesta.  Today was particularly wonderful for me because her teachers sent me a bunch of photos and a video showing all the fun things Ellie did during the day.

When we left school, Ellie wanted to take her end of day photo in her usual place.  She loves those darn rocks!  I also love that she let me put her hair up in pigtails.  And, for the most part, they were intact when we picked her up.  She did collect an extra hair time on one of her pigtails.  We still don’t know where it came from, lol!


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