“The lights are burning my eyes!”

After Ellie woke up, we snuggled in bed for as long as we could.  She got up much easier today, though, because she said she wanted to go to school to see Adya.  When I turned the lights on, she covered herself in my blanket and told me the lights were burning her eyes.  She said they were “too hot!”  When I told her she meant they were too bright, she said, “Yes, too hot and bright!”

Since today is Thursday, Ellie had to wear her black leggings and her burgundy polo.  That also means she gets to wear her favorite Batman socks.  And she picked out her Avengers shoes, as well.  Her Vader sneakers got too dirty last time, so those are no longer school approved shoes!

Ellie wanted her hair made up like princess hair again this morning, but this time, she wanted an Elsa braid.  I did the best I could with her limited length of hair, lol!  I think she expected to have a braid as long as Elsa’s.  I explained that she needs to grow more hair before that’s possible.  Unless we get her extensions.

When we got to school, she wanted to take her morning picture sitting on the stairs again.  I wonder if that will be her new favorite morning photo location?  In the back, the chair wasn’t outside due to the rain, so had to take her shoes off and finish her part of the routine.  She is a particular kid.  I wonder where she got that from?

When we walked inside, she put away her lunch box and she wanted to play with her friends…until she realized we were leaving. She wanted me to hold her, so I picked her up and gave her a kiss and then had Ryan give her a kiss and then told her to hug the director…and when she did, the director took her and she cried and cried.  And then was fine within a minute of us leaving.  Again.  Crocodile tears, I tell ya!

She had a busy day today!  They worked more on animal kingdoms and reviewed everything they’d been going over.  Ellie got to learn more about frogs, which made her happy.  She also had gymnastics today.  They were dancing with scarves and Ellie wore her scarf around her head and looked like a tiny Russian grandmother, lol.  I called her a Babushka and she said, “No, not a bushka.  I’m Ellie!”

I figured out where Ellie learned “criss cross applesauce” from — her school gymnastics instructor, lol.  She also tells the kids to sit with “bubbles in their mouths” so they stay quiet.  Tricksy hobbitses.  All the kids got stickers at the end of gymnastics.  That’s a quick way to get Ellie to be your best buddy — offer her stickers!  :D

After gymnastics, the kids sat in a circle and worked on some math.  Ellie wanted to bring over the rug for them to work on. She loves being in charge of that rug!  They used everyone’s ages to help in counting.  Ellie let everyone know that she’s TWO!

I suggested to Ryan that we give Ellie more food options, beyond just sandwiches.  My first suggestion was grilled chicken and rice.  Originally, the director said no rice.  But other kids were bringing it in, so it only seemed fair that Ellie get rice, too.   She’s had that for the last two days and devoured every last bit of it.  Now more kids are bringing rice, too.  And I’m sure the kitchen is a mess after lunch time.  But the kids are happy!  And it doesn’t take much time to sweep up rice.  Kids are going to make a mess, regardless of what you feed them.  :D

We also found out that Ellie is sock shaming people.  She’s asking all the other kids why they don’t have awesome socks like her Batman socks.  More kids are coming in with fun socks now.  And showing them to Ellie.  My kid!

Before we left, the director asked us what our education goals are for Ellie.  She specifically wanted to know if we want her to skip grades.  Ryan and I talked about it and we feel that if we (Ryan, me, her teachers) feel she is academically, socially and emotionally ready to advance, we are all for it.  Everyone knows Ellie is extremely bright, but being capable isn’t the only factor.  Some people might feel it’s premature to think of these things, but Ellie’s current school goes up to 2nd grade.  So, the director needs to know what our plans are and what our expectations are so she can plot Ellie’s school work accordingly. Since Ellie is a November baby, I definitely want to skip her at least one grade.

As we left and got ready to take Ellie’s end of day photo, I noticed just how crazy her hair looked!  Her Elsa braid did not fair well during school!

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