30 Before 30 Bucket List

When I was younger, I put together a “30 Before 30 Bucket List”.  I never really thought about it again until the July 27th, 2013 started creeping closer and closer.   It was something my friends and I thought would be fun to do — 30 things we hope to achieve before we’re “old”.  And before you expect to see “travel to the moon”, we tried to make these attainable goals.  Real world options.

As I looked at the list, I realized that what I wanted when I was a kid…and what matters to me now aren’t in exact alignment.  That being said, I’ve also done almost everything on the list.  So, now I need a 40 Before 40 list…and I obviously need to make it more EPIC.  :D



1. Fly a plane.

I achieved this goal fairly young.  By 14, I was learning how to fly a plane.  Now that I’m 30, I’m thinking about spending more time flying and working on getting my license.  Why not?  I need more 40 by 40 goals!

2. Swim with dolphins.

For our Honeymoon, Ryan wanted to swim with the dolphins.  At first, I wasn’t that interested.  Well, apparently, 20-something Beth totally forgot that young Beth wanted to do this.  I wonder when it stopped being a goal?  Well, needless to say, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will NEVER forget.


3. Sing in front of an audience full of strangers.

I’ve been singing as long as I can remember.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  If you’ve ever driven in a car with me, you know that I remember every lyric to every song.  Ever.  I’ll sing to songs I hate!  Well, at a convention in Chicago, we went to a bar and they had Rock Band Karaoke.  Basically, you’d go on stage with your friends and perform while also playing the game.  We performed Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.  And, it was pretty epic.  I was petrified, of course.  But, not only did we ROCK at Rock Band, but we also received some pretty loud applause.  You know, I need to do that again.

4. Hop in a car and drive, without know your destination.

I love spontaneity…as long as it’s planned.  Just kidding.  Well, sort of.  I’m not the type to just fly by the seat of my pants.  I’m a planner.  Well, over 10 years ago, my then boyfriend and I decided we wanted to take a trip.  We weren’t 100% sure where, though.  So, we bought a road map, printed some very generalized (and WRONG) Mapquest direction that would help us go out in the west-like direction and we hit the road.  It ended up being an AWESOME trip.  We tried to find Area 51 (and almost got into a lot of trouble), we got lost in Big Bend when Mapquest tried to lead us into the center of the park, instead of camp grounds, we ran out of gas in a town that didn’t have 24 hour gas stations, we were stuck on a winding road that had mountain on one side and a long drop down a cliff on the other, we saw George Carlin perform live, we stayed at a swanky Las Vegas hotel, we made snow angels at the Grand Canyon, we met Filipino people at an adorable grocery store in Lake Tahoe, we tried to drive my little sports car up a steep mountainside in the snow without tire chains.  And more!

5. Have an affair with a famous person.

OK, so I was a precocious kid!  Well, this isn’t 100% true.  I did not have an affair with a famous person.  But, I was pursued by a famous person…and I got to turn them down.  So, I could’ve had an affair if I wanted to, but I think getting to say “thanks, but no thanks” is even better!

6. Pay a stranger’s tab at a restaurant

This is another close one.  I was at HEB when a woman left her wallet home.  She seemed honest and super sweet.  She also seemed very flustered.  Her bill wasn’t tremendously expensive, so I paid for it.  It was part good Samaritan and part me needing to get somewhere and wanting the line to move.  :D

7. Start a charity.

In 2007, I was able to accomplish this goal.  I’ve always been involved in charity work, in one way or another.  My mother and Nanny instilled that in me.  When I had the opportunity to start my own charity, it was a life long goal coming to fruition.  6 years later and we’ve raised over a quarter million dollars for the charities we love and support.

8. Buy my own car.

I helped pay for my first car, but someone else’s credit assisted me in that process.  Same with my second car — it was my money, but their credit.  In 2012, I bought two cars.  With my own credit.  I know that seems like a simple thing, but to this New Yorker, it was a big deal!  Credit is so important and I’m so proud of myself for being able to buy my own items using my own credit.

9. Become a homeowner.

While we haven’t purchased a new home yet, our financing has been approved.  So, really, we just need to find a home we love.  I call this one a win!

10. Travel to another continent.

I’ve had to fortune to travel to two different continents, Europe and Asia.  I hope to travel to all of them before I die.  I guess this one is being added to my 40 by 40 list.  I was going to travel to a third continent, but then my Nanny got sick.  We’ll make that trip to Australia and New Zealand soon.  

11. Take a cruise.

Little did I know that I’d become a cruise-a-holic!  We went on our first cruise for our honeymoon and have since gone on as many as we can since then!  We really want to go on one of these amazing National Geographic cruises, though.  They cost a cars worth of cash, so that might be a 50 by 50 kind of list item.

12. Start my own business.

Well, I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember.  Selling candy at school, my yarn jewelry business when I was in 4th grade.  Heck, I remember hosting a garage sale when I was 6 or so and selling off dishes and glasses that weren’t supposed to be sold!  But, Geek-a-bye Baby is really my pride and joy.  I never thought my geeky baby items would be as popular as they are, but I can truly say it’s a blessing to have something I am so passionate about be so well received. 

13. Learn as many languages as I can.

I speak 6 (or 7) fluently and can buy shoes in over 20.  Language is something I’ve always had a passion for and will always continue to love.  In 3rd grade, I was disrupting the class far too much. The school opted to allow me to take some supplemental language classes to help keep me from distracting my friends.  I always knew I had a gift for language acquisition, but this taught me that I could also learn in a traditional classroom setting.  

14. Live in another country.

My time in Russia is something that completely changed me.  Russia is so very different from the US.  The people are different.  Everything.  I was able to shut down my computer, disregard my cellphone and just experience Moscow.  I truly hope we get to live in another country again.  It’s something I believe is important for Ellie to experience.

15. Find a Happily Ever After partner in life.

I don’t think young Beth ever thought I’d be married right now.  Or have a baby.  But, boy is old Beth happy I gave this life a chance.  While Ryan occasionally infuriates me, I know it’s because we so very passionately love each other and our stubborn natures, at times, cause us to forget to see the forest for the trees.  I am so appreciative of that kind of love.  I can’t imagine my life without it.  And while I never really thought I’d get married, I’m super happy I did.  I mean, we have an Ellie Belly.  Epic!  And, we had a beautiful wedding.  And, well, we have each other.

16. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

Did it.  Never again, lol.  Stupid young Beth…  Don’t you remember you hate people?

17. Ask Tom Hanks to adopt me.

Thanks to twitter, this has been accomplished.  Oh, and young Beth?  Guess what?  One day, you’ll meet Tom Hanks.  And touch him.  Yup.  That totally happened.  And it was AWESOME.

18. Get a tattoo.

You got a few of them.  And they all rock.  

19. Write a book.

I published a few children’s books when I was younger.  I really hope I finish that novel one day.  You know, in all my free time.

20. Walk on a runway.

Heh, I never thought I’d EVER walk in a fashion show, but thanks to friends who are amazing designers, I’ve walked in a few.  Hope to do that again one day!

21. Be a superhero!

Thanks to another super talented friend, I have an EPIC Batwoman costume.  I really need to be able to wear it again one day.

22. Go skydiving.

I got to do that in 2011.  And will totally do it again one day.  BEST. THING. EVER!

23. Catch a game ball.

Well, I didn’t technically do this.  But, Ellie was given a game ball.  And Ryan caught one while I protected Ellie from getting hit.  So, I think it counts!

24. Run a marathon.

I ran a marathon when I was in high school.  I truly hope to be able to do that again one day.  

25. Travel to all 50 states.

I am SO CLOSE.  I need to visit Hawaii.  We’re planning that trip, but it won’t be until 2014.  That being said, I’ve been to Alaska.  That has to count for something!  :D

26. Own a pair of Manolo’s

Done and done.  

27. Be asked for my autograph

Not a HUGE fan of this, but I’ve been asked to autograph more than a few items in my day.  When I was younger, I wanted to be famous.  Now, I’d rather just be happy. 

28. Meet an astronaut.

I’ve had the fortune of meeting quite a few astronauts so far.  I’ve done two special tours of NASA, as well.  I hope to travel to space before I die.

29. Be proud of my job.

I quit a few jobs that most people would dream of having, but I’ve always believed that you need to, above all else, love what you do.  I love the field I work in and I love the work I’m doing.  Happy I can say that.

30. Have one perfect day.

I’ve had so many perfect days in my life.  Seeing the whales with my Nanny in Alaska, marrying the love of my life, the birth of my daughter.  I am a blessed person.


So there you have it.  My 30 Before 30 goals.  Most of them have been met.  Some of them were…interesting.


So, 40 Before 40 next.  I want to visit at least two more continents AND I want to be in a movie.  Let’s make it happen!