Ellie’s Winning at School

Today was day 3 of Ellie going to school.  Right now, she’s on a 3 half day schedule on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I finally got in more of her uniform items, so she was able to wear a khaki dress and navy polo outfit with her Batman socks.  She was particularly happy about this outfit.

We packed her lunch early this morning.  She got a sandwich, grapes (half order), watermelon, yogurt and a bottle of water.  After Monday, the director said we might want to give Ellie some yogurt, since she tried to share everyone else’s yogurt.  She even mentioned that Ellie has the healthiest lunch of all the kids…but that’s just what she likes to eat.

We drove over to the school and Ellie asked for her morning photo.  She wanted to sit down this time, so we found a nice little area near the front of the school.  We walked to the back entrance and Ellie sat down in the pink chair and took off her shoes.  When she went inside and saw everyone, she showed them her Batman socks!  The uniform states she needs to wear white socks, but we saw other kids weren’t following that rule, so we let Ellie break it, too.  Rules are meant to be followed, unless they are superfluous!

Ellie put her lunchbox and water bottle away and we refreshed her change of clothing (her shorts got wet on Wednesday), washcloths and her pull-ups.   We also noticed that they hung up all the family tree projects.  We definitely have the prettiest family tree!

When it was time for us to say goodbye, Ellie got upset and said that she is “Mama’s baby”.  She ran over to me and ask me to hold her like a baby.  The director reminded Dr. Ellie that she had work to do.  She was still upset that I had the leave, but by the time we were about 2 minutes away from the school, the director sent me photos of Dr. Ellie checking in on all the kids.

That definitely made us feel better.  I’m glad she deals with us leaving so well.  She always does during child watch at the gym…  Ellie just takes a little time to adjust, occasionally.

When we got back to the school to pick Ellie up, the director and Ellie’s second teacher, Ms. Cheryl, told us all about Ellie’s week.  They went over identifying  and drawing shapes (and Ellie pointed out a circle, triangle, rectangle and square for us), as well as how many sides the shapes have.  Ellie independently told us that a triangle has THREE sides.  And a square has FOUR sides.  She was very happy to share this with us.  They taught her the 7 continents (Ellie colored a picture of an adorable koala) and the 7 days of the week.

They also traced letters and worked on their sorting skills.  They have two sorting stations.  One has small beads.  One has two types of beans.  Ms. Cheryl was concerned because Ellie did an awesome job of sorting the different color beads…  But when they gave Ellie the beans to sort, instead of sorting them, she decided she’d rather throw them all in the air and yell, “Don’t spill the beans!”  Hey, Poppy…  Yeah, you!  See what you did?  You got Ellie in trouble at school!  When they asked us why she’d do that, we explained that Ellie was taught the absolute wrong way to play that game and that is why she decided to throw all the beans in the air.  Thankfully, she cleaned up her mess, since she’s good at putting everything away.  I just stood there laughing and thinking that my grandpa was going to get a phone call later today.  Mainly because I think he’ll find this hilarious!  :D

They had a “cooking” class today, which Ellie really enjoyed.  The director got to learn a little about how particular Ellie can be about color choices.  They had a bunch of different aprons available and Ellie kept turning them down until they got the her favorite one.  They took different fruits and dipped them in different sauces.  Ellie didn’t want the sauces (they were all sweet), but she loved eating all the fruit.

At lunch, Ellie was happy with all of her food…until two kids pulled out rice from their lunchboxes.  Ellie loves rice more than anything else.  It’s her favorite food.  The paperwork we were given specifically said no rice, or else we would have given her some.  Needless to say, she’ll have rice next week!  One of the kids came up to me and said, “Ms. Ellie’s Mom, Ellie tried to steal my rice with shrimp and peas!”  I’m not surprised, lol!   The director also said that Ellie will only use the green place setting for lunch. And that she wants everything put on a separate plate.  She’s so my kid!

Before we left, the teacher gave us all the work Ellie did this week.  It’s so cute to have a bunch of schoolwork to put away for her.  Wait until she’s older and we can show her when she drew a triangle in school… or colored some Ellie-Picasso hybrid picture.  Her teachers said she is a sponge and is very bright.  They said her hand-eye coordination is off the charts and her fine motor skills (like holding a pencil) are very advanced.  These are all things we’ve known for a while now.  They are especially impressed with her retention.  I am, too!  That kid remembers everything!

The director asked if I would come to class for an hour or so next week and photograph all the kids.  She also asked if we’d make aprons for all the kids, since she doesn’t have enough for everyone.  (She offered to pay, of course.)  I love that we’re a part of this brand new school and get to help them out in this way.  It’s a great experience and we love being part of this community.  And Ellie seems to really enjoy all of her new friends.  On the way out to the car, Ellie asked for her end of day photo.  We took it by a tree.

Now to finish the day and talk to Ellie a little more about Australia, since that seems to be her favorite continent right now.

Everyone is an expert!

Ellie has been sleeping through the night since we brought her home from the hospital. The doctors, the nurses, numerous people told us to wake her up every two hours to feed her.  But, my Nanny’s advice always repeated in my ear:

Never wake a sleeping baby.

We acclimated Ellie to sleeping through the night, by not making her accustomed to waking up numerous times. When people would ask how she was sleeping and I’d tell them she slept through the night, they would assume she was formula fed.

“Nope,” I’d say.  ”She’s exclusively breastfed.”

Other mama-folk would instantly give me their ‘facts’:


  • If your baby isn’t woken up every 2 hours, she isn’t eating enough and she will starve.
  • If your baby isn’t woken up every 2 hours, she won’t learn to breast feed properly.
  • If your baby isn’t woken up every 2 years, she won’t bond properly with you.
  • If your baby isn’t woken up every 2 hours, she will dehydrate and die.

I experienced this sort of unsolicited advice with numerous things, not just breastfeeding.  Having Ellie introduced me to this culture of women who believe that having a child instantly made them an expert about everything parenthood.  Don’t get me wrong — I believe that experience is extremely important.  But, it was a broken record of judgment and being told I wasn’t doing the ‘right’ thing.  I was constantly being told that if I do [blank] then [blank] WILL happen.  So rarely was it suggested that something might happen or could happen.  No, these women always believed it would happen.  And if I disagreed with their assessment, then I was making ‘questionable’ parenting choices.

Ellie was still sleeping through the night at 6 months.  I was told that she wouldn’t last with that sleeping pattern beyond one year.

Ellie was still sleeping through the night at one year.  And again they repeated their judgment and nay-saying.

Ellie is still sleeping through the night at almost 15 months old.  And perhaps she’ll have trouble sleeping at 2 years.  Maybe she’ll always be a good sleeper.  But, why turn everything negative?  If she’s a good sleeper, why can’t she just be a baby who enjoys having a restful night?  Why does something have to be wrong if she’s sleeping well?  If I told people she was waking up every 2-3 hours, they wouldn’t respond with negativity or automatically assume the worst.  Instead, I’d get lots of messages telling me how this is ‘normal’ and totally common for a baby.

I remind myself how marginalized being treated this way made me feel every time I see a parent who makes a different choices than I would make.   I also remember how annoying unsolicited advice (that’s really just judgment) made me feel. What is fact for my baby isn’t necessarily fact for your baby.  And vice versa.  

The only baby(ies) we are an expert about?  Our own.  Let’s try to remember that.

* Obviously, medical conditions and the like change things entirely.  Jaundiced babies or premature babies, etc., fall under different parameters.  

Kevin Sorbo Loves My Baby!

This weekend, we had Dallas Sci-Fi Expo, a smaller convention in the HUGE Irving Convention Center.  For a while, we stopped going to the Dallas convention (Sci-Fi Expo, Dallas Comic Con), but they have really blossomed into successful shows for us.

Bringing my 14 month old to conventions is always an interesting proposition.  First, I will say that Ellie is very well behaved.  And she is an extremely happy baby.  But, she is always high energy.  When she sees an opening to run and play, she’ll take it!  Rightfully so.  That being said, for the most part we can keep her entertained at the booth.

Whenever Ellie was feeling a little too cooped up, we’d let her run up and down the main aisle.  She’s been running since around 10 months.  And the older she gets, the cuter her run becomes.  She reminds me of Tigger (both the cat and the character).  When she runs, she bounces and laughs along the way.  No matter what you are doing or what kind of mood you’re in, when you see Ellie bouncing along a walkway, you will stop and smile.  It’s impossible not to do so.

Ellie met a number of interesting folks this weekend, including Morena Baccarin.  She also received quite a few gifts from many of her loved ones, including a squid plush made with this really awesome tattoo-inspired fabric, an adorable turtle plush, a crocheted penguin that’s almost as big as she is — and more!  I know they say you can’t spoil a baby, but I wonder if we’re pushing those boundaries as much as we possibly can!  Uncle Roon spoiled Ellie with a number of presents that we’ll use soon, including an awesome cracker container we can use at Sherwood.

She helped set up the booth and tear it down, as well.  She was fixated on trying to make her own grid cube.  It was adorable watching her try to figure out how to make a cube with the grid swaures.  She also tried tearing down the booth a number of times when it was a tad…premature, lol.  Especially the t-shirts, plushes and earrings.

She ran around so much and played with so many friends, new and old, that she slept through dinner on Saturday AND Sunday.  And our baby girl rarely misses a meal.  Poor thing.

We had a few highlights during the convention weekend:

  • Everyone adored Ellie outfits and wanted to know where to buy them.  She wore her Star Wars romper and her Slytherin costume.  I made sure folks received a Geek-a-bye Baby business card!
  • Our hotel was…in pieces.  They were going through renovations, so the front desk and breakfast buffet were both in hotel rooms.  And the lobby?  A huge construction site.  But, because of the renovations, our room was brand new and perfect!  The mattress was amazing!  It didn’t hurt my back and I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in a few years.
  • We saw lots of friends during this weekend.  The best part was being surprised by Roon about a special visitor.  Right before she arrived at the convention, Roon let us know that VeX flew out to come to the show.  Ellie was so excited to see Aunt Cindy!
  • Sean let us know about their Dallas convention ritual — eating dinner at Vila Brazil, a churrascuria in Irving.  The food was divine and the service was amazing and friendly.  They even had the best live music I’ve heard at a restaurant ever.  Definitely recommend trying it out if you’re in the neighborhood.  Hell, try it even if you’re not in the neighborhood.
  • The booth ran so smoothly.  I had a number of health issues at this convention due to my lupus, but I didn’t have to once worry about the booth because we’ve put together such a great crew.  I used to have to be concerned about the booth constantly.  It was never easy!  Now, I find being at the booth to be relaxing and enjoyable.  And Ellie loves it, too!
  • As we were packing up, I was approached by Kevin Sorbo’s handler, who let me know that Kevin couldn’t stop raving about Ellie and how adorable she was.  She mentioned that he would tell random people about the cute little baby he kept seeing bounce up and down the aisle in front of him.  Ellie is Hercules Approved!  :D

All in all, it was an amazing weekend with even more amazing friends.  We are so very blessed to have such a perfect life.  Ellie really was the missing link!

Can’t wait for next weekend — Sherwood!

Until then…

Baby Ellie, Week Four


Ellie’s growth spurt led to a lot of feeding time between Mama and Ellie. It also meant that I was extremely exhausted and a tad overworked! I did a lot of work while Ellie was down for a nap. Afterward, Ryan took Ellie on some errands, including her first visit to Camp Mabry. Ryan added Ellie to our insurance – and now she is military-official! While they were gone, I took a shower, rested and worked on making our first family Christmas cards! Three week old Ellie got so big in such a short amount of time! We did more Christmas shopping via online and relaxed with our Ellie. Ryan made cookies for me, so I got some have a delicious cookie and ice cream dessert!


This was a landmark day. Ryan had to work (he was volunteering for Blue Santa with the National Guard), so Ellie and I spent the day together. This was our first day alone. She fed quite a bit all day, but also slept pretty deeply. For a while, I had a sleeping Ellie and Tigger all trying to take up all of the Mama real estate. At one point in time, I had to hold Tigger in one arm and Ellie in the other! I finished putting stamps on the rest of our Christmas cards – but didn’t have a way to easily get them to our postman. Ellie and I watched shows, read together and took a nap. Once Ryan was home, we got Ellie ready for dinner with Nanny and Poppy. After a nice bath for the Ellie Monster, we got her dressed up in a cute Christmas outfit and drove to Applebee’s. This was Ellie first time eating at a restaurant. It was definitely very stimulating for her. She had her eyes wide open and kept looking around at all the lights and noises. That being said, she was so very well-behaved. I was so impressed with her! Numerous waiters came by to compliment her which we were proud of – to say the least! Ellie slept like a champ after such a busy and exciting evening. This was the first night where she didn’t have trouble going to bed. Around 5AM, she had some tummy issues. For the most part, though, we saw some real development in her sleeping habits after three weeks!


Ellie didn’t wake up until 11AM or so. Once up, she fed and then went to bed for a while again. I worked on her Baby Announcement cards, as well as some Valentine’s Day cards. We also compiled the first 24 photos for the 365 Days of Ellie project! I worked on posts for Ellie’s Week Two, Three and part of Four. Ellie rested and when she seemed up to it, we brought her into her nursery and let her spend some tummy time in her room – this was the first time she really got to do much in her room, besides being changed. She was able to spin herself in a circle while on her tummy. We can’t wait to see her crawl – she really wants to get up and go! We also let her rest in her crib for the first time. She snuggled in her pirate monkey blanket. (end at 530PM)

This was a rough day. Papa woke up very sick, so we had doctor’s appointments for Tigger (to get his shots), Papa (to figure out what he was sick with) and Ellie (because she started sneezing up lots of snot). First appointment: Tigger. He weighed 3.68lb! What a big boy! He got his shots and was very well-behaved. After that, we brought him home and then ran some holiday errands. We mailed all of our Christmas cards and bought some gifts for family members. A friend came over to help wrap presents and clean, so we rushed back home and Mama took care of lots of chores while Papa went to his doctor’s appointment. After wrapping a lot of presents and getting all of our packages ready for shipping (our long distance gifts!), Papa came back and we found out he had a virus and should be fine. No medicine required. We then took Ellie to her appointment. She weighed 7lb 12.5oz, an ounce up from last time. The doctor said, although Ellie is a little lighter than she’d prefer, she is perfectly healthy. No sign of sickness! When we got back home, Ellie fed and then went down for a nap. Ryan went through all of the Alaska photos and picked the best ones available. It was so amazing reminiscing about our wonderful trip.


Ellie has the best nighttime/early morning she’s ever had. I guess the very busy day made my little girl so very tired! When Ellie woke up, she helped Papa finish some indoor decorations. Afterward, Ellie feed on and off for 6 hours. It was at least 4.5 hours of feeding. She must be going through a growth spurt. I was so very exhausted afterward. She took a nice, long nap after eating for hours and hours and Papa made corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots for us! After dinner, we gave Ellie a bath. She was very well-behaved. She enjoys baths much more now. She likes the warm water. She was not sleepy after all that bath time excitement so she stayed up and played with us for a while until she was hungry. I fed her for an hour or so, but finally had to ask Ryan to supplement with a bottle of breast milk – I was falling asleep with her at the breast and was afraid I might hurt her. She was up and down quite a bit that night – she was HUNGRY!


We had a calm morning in the Nelson-Campbell household. Ellie nursed, slept and nursed again before Papa took her to run some errands. I put away her clothes, wrapped some presents and then rested. When they got back, I started framing more photos because we decided to start a new house decorating project. Since our stairwell has an abundant about of wall space, we are going to hang a large number of photos in the stairwell. We had a fairly relaxed day – until 9:11PM when UPS bugged is by delivering a package! She saw Ellie do a dance for the first time. When some music came on, she arched her back and propped her body up and then bobbed from side to side to the music. It was the most adorable thing in the world. Mama was sick with whatever Papa had, but we made the most of it.


Mama was pretty sick this day, but it was a busy day! Mama spent the morning shopping with a friend for last minute gifts. We hit up a number of stores all over Round Rock – 5 stores in total! Ellie decided she wanted to wake up every 2 hours to feed, so she had to be bottle fed, since I was gone for four hours. When I got back, though, she fed again for a long while. She missed her mama! Then another friend came over and she wrapped presents while I organized and prepped them. Tigger was being a bit of a pill, so we had to lock him in the bedroom! An Austin Mama brought over dinner for us, so we all had a nice meal after a long day of work! Papa went to visit Poppy at work to pick up Ellie’s Christmas Day outfit! It’s super velvet-y and cute! Baby Ellie was pretty sleepy after all her hard work, too!

Baby Ellie, Week Three


- discomfort on one feeding side. Tried to feed Ellie on right side and after she delatched 6 minutes in to her feeding, I couldn’t bring myself to let her latch again on that side.
- Went to pediatrician. Ellie grew an inch and gained 4 oz. The doctor not only said Ellie was perfect, but she also gushed about how beautiful Ellie is. Ellie sucked on her thumb for quite a while, as well, which caused the doctor to gush even more! I asked the doctor what was wrong with my right nipple. She said I should try a nipple shield on that one. Went to Target and bought one, along with a few other items.
- Ellie got to meet her Auntie Jenja, who visited after we got back from Target.
- Ryan called my ob/gyn, since the nipple shield didn’t work and I was hurting so bad that it almost stopped me from feeding Ellie. They gave me a prescription cream for my nipples and told me it was thrush, an infection. The prescription was ready by 4PM. By 6AM the next day, my nipples were feeling much better.


Today was a fun day. Ellie decided she was hungry while her Papa was holding her, so she chomped on his nipple. We went to James Avery in order to pick up Ellie’s birth gift (ID bracelet), as well as her Christmas gift (a charm bracelet with a birth charm, a onsie with her name engraved on it, and a Christmas charm, a reindeer). We had every person in that store stopping by and telling us how beautiful and well-behaved Ellie is – a number of them also said that most babies are ugly! We also picked up Chinese food! Ellie had a long, busy day, but she was so lovely the entire time. That night, Ryan started decorating the Christmas tree. It really made our home feel even more…happy! Ellie was mesmerized by the lights!


Ellie was sleeping for most of the morning, so I rushed to wrap presents. After present wrapping, I took a shower. It’s funny how much you miss having a little “me” time. I was never the type of person to take a long shower, but now…I want to! We gave Ellie a bath, which she handled much better than the previous times. She’s getting used to bathing time. I’m not saying she enjoys it, but she doesn’t scream bloody murder any longer. After her bath, Ellie wasn’t tired, but she also wasn’t hungry. This was the first time Ellie stayed awake and just “talked” to us. She looked around and took it all in. Nanny wasn’t feeling like coming over to our house and we didn’t want to go out to a restaurant, so we got Ellie dressed and went over to Nanny and Poppy. Nanny made pork and veggies! We set-up Ellie’s play yard in the kitchen/dining room and Junior, my fat cat that lives at Nanny’s, promptly jumped into the play yard with Ellie. Thankfully, Ellie was in her car seat and not just sleeping in the play yard. Junior spent the rest of the night snuggling with Ellie. And when we removed Ellie from the play yard, Junior took over the rest of the space! Ellie got to meet her Aunt Sue, as well! She was so well-behaved during dinner. It was a really great night for everyone.


We got a present from Ellie’s Aunt Lisa. It was all baby punk rock clothing! Super adorable! Ellie will love them when she’s old enough to rock them out! Ellie and I relaxed that morning and gazed at the Christmas tree lights. I took my down time to catch-up on some shows, including The Good Wife. Maybe Ellie will be a lawyer? This was a fairly calm day for us that mainly involved resting and decorating the tree. Ryan finished it up that evening! That night, Ellie just couldn’t get comfortable so she snuggled with me for most of the night.


Ryan left early to get some chores done – and he took Ellie! She loves riding around in the car. Ellie got to visit the post office and the bank. While they were out, I decided to rest. When they got back, we watched some Mad Men. Maybe Ellie will work in marketing? Another pretty laid back day for Ellie. We were lucky that she slept in her cradle during her daytime naps.


We were supposed to have a holiday photo shoot, but the rainy weather delayed that. Our photographer likes to use natural lighting – no sun, no photos! Ryan made me rest as much as possible in order to be prepared for many daytime feeding sessions! Ellie had a rough day – she had a lot of tummy trouble, sadly. The highlight of this day – we got Ellie’s birth certificate in the mail. Ellie is official!


We weren’t able to take photos again, but we were able to go and pick up the high res photos from Ellie’s photo shoot. We promptly posted them online! Since we received Ellie’s birth certificate, we decided to extend our outing and went to the bank. We opened up a bank account for Ellie. She is not only official, but she also has some spending money. Hopefully she doesn’t spend it all in one place! Also of note, Ryan dressed Ellie – and she looked like a break dancing clown! Still adorable, but boy was she…special. We received our produce from our Farmer’s Co-Op. All of the organic and fresh produce is great for Ellie – I’m so glad that I can eat such delicious food and know it is helping her grow up to be a strong, healthy little girl! Later that night, a mama brought us some delicious food and we continued to enjoy Mad Men with our Ellie Belly. We started a growth spurt period, too, because Ellie increased her feeding exponentially!

Baby Ellie, Week Two

Friday was spent relaxing with Ellie, Papa and Nana (Ryan’s mom). We spent a lot of time just hanging out and watching Bones. If Baby Ellie becomes a forensic anthropologist…we know why! Ellie got a lot of Nana snuggle time, which was nice. Nana bought the family some Threadgill’s – mmm Pecan Crusted Chicken! I also want to mention that Ellie wore her adorable fish onsies. Abby G, Ellie’s photographer, posted the photos from Ellie’s first photo shoot and we shared them with everyone. They were a hit! Ellie also started a growth spurt, because she began eating almost twice what she was eating the previous week. I was so tired from the previous week and all the extra feedings that I passed out from 9PM to 2AM. Good thing I had pumped milk – Ryan bottle fed Ellie for the meal I missed so I could get the sleep I needed.

Saturday was a busy day for us. We relaxed with Nana during the morning and then Ellie’s Aunt Di (Ryan’s sister) came over with our nephew to visit with us and Ellie. Baby Tigger stole the show! (Austin, our nephew, and Baby Tigger have bonded. They are adorable together.) Of course, Ellie wanted to feed for almost an hour during this time, so I was stuck in the bedroom. But, I got to watch Castle! Later that day, Ellie’s Nanny and Poppy came over to visit and brought us some dinner. While Ryan and Poppy were out getting dinner, I was in the bedroom for another feeding with Ellie. But, then, Carrabba’s. I didn’t get to eat very much, but what I did eat was pretty tasty. I’ve had to remove a lot of cow’s milk from my diet, but found out goat’s milk is A-OK. Thankfully, Carrabba’s has a great chicken dish with goat’s milk! We showed Nanny and Poppy all of Ellie’s adorable photos, as well as her nursery. They were surprised we didn’t have Christmas decorations up yet, but things were just too hectic. Once they left, we continued watching Bones and had another feeding session. This was a tough few days for me. I wasn’t eating enough and I wasn’t sleeping enough. Combine that with all the extra feeding time – I was exhausted.

Sunday was another relaxing day filled with Bones and snuggle time. We out together our Birth Announcement list while Ellie was asleep. Ryan teased me with my New Mommy gift – but I decided to wait until opening it. In general, we just fed Ellie and then snuggled with her while she slept. My body was still in super-healing mode, so we didn’t want to do anything to prevent it from doing its job. Our friend, Jen, brought over some tasty stew for dinner – and we enjoyed that while going through Ellie’s routines.

Monday started off rough. My breasts were very sore from the extra production Ellie was requiring. I was working hard to make sure no ducts were clogged, but my nipples were fairly raw. Ellie was latching properly on my left side, but the right was seeing better days. Nana left around 7AM – we were sad to see her leave. Having her around was such a blessing. She helped with dishes, laundry. She helped take care of Ellie – and gave Ellie plenty of snuggle time. She was definitely missed! We ran a few errands, so Ellie got all bundled up in order to face the cold! We learned that Ellie loves singing to songs with Mama. We started with Beauty and the Beast and ended with Take That!

Tuesday morning started with me posting my Labor Story. You can find it here. Ryan also got me a bean and cheese breakfast taco, which was much appreciated! I also worked on some special onsies for Ellie – she’s getting a few geek onsies that are one of a kind! She is one lucky baby! I tried on a bunch of my pre-Ellie shows – and they all fit! Now if only the clothes fit! But, at least my feet will be fierce.

Wednesday was a great day – Ellie slept in her cradle! We had to prop her up on her side with a rolled blanket, but it did the trick. This was a hard day for Ellie and Mama. I had a lot of work to do and had to learn to balance work and Ellie. Thankfully, Ryan is here, but only Mama can feed Ellie. Ryan worked on his “First Day” story all about Ellie’s first day of life. We posted it – so the world can know all about Ellie’s Hollywood-esque life!

Thursday started off early with a 530AM feeding followed by doing some dishes. Oh, the glamorous life! The highlight of Ellie’s 14th day of life – Ellie finally got to meet her godparents, Brenda and Ron. She slept through their visit, which is par for the course, but we truly enjoyed getting to see them! They also brought some delicious food for us. We finished up Ellie’s “First Week” post, to share all about Ellie and her first 7 days on this earth! Ryan also got all the Christmas decorations out of the attic and put up the tree. He also gave me by Mama gift (from Ellie and him) – a beautiful pearl and diamond ring!