Packing Up Memories

Ryan is straightening up the upstairs since my sister and brother are visiting for a week. When I went up there to visit with Ryan and Ellie, I saw two big bags full of Ellie clothing. She has officially outgrown enough clothing to warrant packing them up and putting them in storage. This was a bittersweet moment for me. All those adorable little Ellie clothes that I won’t get to see anymore. It’s a strange feeling.

She’s still in her 9-12 month clothing, but she is getting closer and closer to the 12 month-only end of the size spectrum. And as she gets bigger and bigger, so many amazing changes come with her change in size. But, there is something so sweet and special about those newborn items that she barely fit into when we took her home from the hospital.

We framed her first ever outfit from Dell Children’s Hospital in a shadow box. We still need to add a few finishing touches, but then it is ready to hang on her bedroom wall. I can’t wait for Ellie to be old enough to understand how tiny she used to be.

I guess that is always a parental dilemma. You want them to grow up so you can share new and exciting things with them. But, you want them to stay small, so you can forever enjoy their newborn innocence. And smell.