A big, small girl.

Yesterday, my Ellie Belly turned 15 months.  We took her aunt and uncle shooting at Red’s and bbqing at Salt Lick.  Not so surprisingly, Ellie had fun with all the above activities.  It was adorable, actually.  She wanted to run around the store section of the shooting range.  When I wouldn’t let her do that, she started yelling.  An older gentleman came up to her and looked at her, smiling, and said, “You’re louder than the AK-47!”  And she was.  :D

Today was Ellie’s 15 month check up.  She is 31.25″ and 21.25 lb.  76th and 24th percentile respectively.  She is riding around in her big girl car seat now.  It’s an adorable cow print Britax that we found at BabyEarth before she was born and just had to have!

It was a weird feeling to see her sitting in her big girl car seat.  She seemed more comfortable, for sure.  But, she also seemed a little unsure of her surroundings.  She was scratching and pinching the new fabric.

The doc visit went well.  Ellie is stringing words, so Dr. Spencer said that is pretty advanced for her age.  Even if she only does it when she wants and not on command.  Dr. Spencer said Ellie seems very strong-willed and independent, so it’s not surprising that she’s only going to do things on her time table.  Ellie is still very physically advanced and her ability to comprehend what you’re requesting of her is well beyond her age.  Not surprising, although I was concerned that she doesn’t just parrot away with her words, like some kids her age.  Since she says a word for a while and moves on to a new word after, Dr. Spencer said there is no cause for concern.

She has an umbilical hernia. Apparently, 10% or so of babies get them. It should go away the time she’s 2 or 3.  Dr. Spencer says if it’s still there at 3, she’ll want use to consult with a surgeon, but she hopes it goes away on its own.  As do we.

And when she got her two shots, she didn’t even utter a peep.  She is such a tough cookie.

All in all, a great visit and a great transition for our little toddler.