Ellie’s Winning at School

Today was day 3 of Ellie going to school.  Right now, she’s on a 3 half day schedule on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I finally got in more of her uniform items, so she was able to wear a khaki dress and navy polo outfit with her Batman socks.  She was particularly happy about this outfit.

We packed her lunch early this morning.  She got a sandwich, grapes (half order), watermelon, yogurt and a bottle of water.  After Monday, the director said we might want to give Ellie some yogurt, since she tried to share everyone else’s yogurt.  She even mentioned that Ellie has the healthiest lunch of all the kids…but that’s just what she likes to eat.

We drove over to the school and Ellie asked for her morning photo.  She wanted to sit down this time, so we found a nice little area near the front of the school.  We walked to the back entrance and Ellie sat down in the pink chair and took off her shoes.  When she went inside and saw everyone, she showed them her Batman socks!  The uniform states she needs to wear white socks, but we saw other kids weren’t following that rule, so we let Ellie break it, too.  Rules are meant to be followed, unless they are superfluous!

Ellie put her lunchbox and water bottle away and we refreshed her change of clothing (her shorts got wet on Wednesday), washcloths and her pull-ups.   We also noticed that they hung up all the family tree projects.  We definitely have the prettiest family tree!

When it was time for us to say goodbye, Ellie got upset and said that she is “Mama’s baby”.  She ran over to me and ask me to hold her like a baby.  The director reminded Dr. Ellie that she had work to do.  She was still upset that I had the leave, but by the time we were about 2 minutes away from the school, the director sent me photos of Dr. Ellie checking in on all the kids.

That definitely made us feel better.  I’m glad she deals with us leaving so well.  She always does during child watch at the gym…  Ellie just takes a little time to adjust, occasionally.

When we got back to the school to pick Ellie up, the director and Ellie’s second teacher, Ms. Cheryl, told us all about Ellie’s week.  They went over identifying  and drawing shapes (and Ellie pointed out a circle, triangle, rectangle and square for us), as well as how many sides the shapes have.  Ellie independently told us that a triangle has THREE sides.  And a square has FOUR sides.  She was very happy to share this with us.  They taught her the 7 continents (Ellie colored a picture of an adorable koala) and the 7 days of the week.

They also traced letters and worked on their sorting skills.  They have two sorting stations.  One has small beads.  One has two types of beans.  Ms. Cheryl was concerned because Ellie did an awesome job of sorting the different color beads…  But when they gave Ellie the beans to sort, instead of sorting them, she decided she’d rather throw them all in the air and yell, “Don’t spill the beans!”  Hey, Poppy…  Yeah, you!  See what you did?  You got Ellie in trouble at school!  When they asked us why she’d do that, we explained that Ellie was taught the absolute wrong way to play that game and that is why she decided to throw all the beans in the air.  Thankfully, she cleaned up her mess, since she’s good at putting everything away.  I just stood there laughing and thinking that my grandpa was going to get a phone call later today.  Mainly because I think he’ll find this hilarious!  :D

They had a “cooking” class today, which Ellie really enjoyed.  The director got to learn a little about how particular Ellie can be about color choices.  They had a bunch of different aprons available and Ellie kept turning them down until they got the her favorite one.  They took different fruits and dipped them in different sauces.  Ellie didn’t want the sauces (they were all sweet), but she loved eating all the fruit.

At lunch, Ellie was happy with all of her food…until two kids pulled out rice from their lunchboxes.  Ellie loves rice more than anything else.  It’s her favorite food.  The paperwork we were given specifically said no rice, or else we would have given her some.  Needless to say, she’ll have rice next week!  One of the kids came up to me and said, “Ms. Ellie’s Mom, Ellie tried to steal my rice with shrimp and peas!”  I’m not surprised, lol!   The director also said that Ellie will only use the green place setting for lunch. And that she wants everything put on a separate plate.  She’s so my kid!

Before we left, the teacher gave us all the work Ellie did this week.  It’s so cute to have a bunch of schoolwork to put away for her.  Wait until she’s older and we can show her when she drew a triangle in school… or colored some Ellie-Picasso hybrid picture.  Her teachers said she is a sponge and is very bright.  They said her hand-eye coordination is off the charts and her fine motor skills (like holding a pencil) are very advanced.  These are all things we’ve known for a while now.  They are especially impressed with her retention.  I am, too!  That kid remembers everything!

The director asked if I would come to class for an hour or so next week and photograph all the kids.  She also asked if we’d make aprons for all the kids, since she doesn’t have enough for everyone.  (She offered to pay, of course.)  I love that we’re a part of this brand new school and get to help them out in this way.  It’s a great experience and we love being part of this community.  And Ellie seems to really enjoy all of her new friends.  On the way out to the car, Ellie asked for her end of day photo.  We took it by a tree.

Now to finish the day and talk to Ellie a little more about Australia, since that seems to be her favorite continent right now.

Schoolie, Day 2

Ryan went to wake up Ellie and the first thing she wanted to do?  Snuggle with Mama.  Man, my life is hard!  :P

After 10 minutes or so of snuggling, we got up and brushed our teeth, our hair and got dressed.  Ellie asked me to put her hair up in pigtails…and wanted pink hair ties.  I originally grabbed navy hair ties to match her school uniform, but she wasn’t having it.

We packed her lunch in her Spider-Man lunchbox: sandwich, grapes, watermelon and a bottle of water.  If you see a cute lunchbox set, let me know.  I want to add a few more to her collection.  Especially if you find a Bubble Guppies set.  If she has to wear a uniform, then her lunchboxes, nap mat covers and wash cloths will have a lot of personality!

We drove Ellie to school and she instantly fell into her new routine.  She wanted to pose for photos with her lunchbox.

Then, she sat down outside on the little pink chair, took off her sneakers and put them in the outdoor sneakers container.  She walked up the stairs and went inside and put away her lunchbox and water bottle.  Finally, she sat down and played with her new friends.  When we were ready to leave, she said goodbye without any tears!

The rest of the morning and into the early afternoon allowed us to work in peace, which was nice.  But it was still so darn quiet!

Ellie had “homework” (well, really the adults…) from Monday that we never did on Tuesday, so I finished it up.  It was a family tree with the nicknames of all the people on the tree and a photo of them.  Since Ellie has no blood siblings, I included a picture of Tigger and a picture of her cousin, Austin.

When we got to the school, Ellie was reading a story with the director of the school.  When they were done, Ellie read another story with her other teacher.  The director told us that Ellie is her new teacher’s assistant.  In just one day of school, Ellie already knew their routine down to the minute.  When it was time for lunch, Ellie let everyone know.  When it was reading time, Ellie reminded the teacher and her friends.  When it was time to bring the nap mats out, Ellie lead everyone over to their mats so they could get them.  The director was impressed with Ellie’s memory…and I let her know she’s always been like that.  In every class, she is the one who is most concerned about following the routine.  If a step is missed, she will remind her instructors.  It’s amusing…and reminds me of someone else I know.  (Ahem.)

Today, they worked on shapes and math (focusing on 0-4 and not just memorizing but grasping the concept of quantity), along with general reading and learning letters/phonemes.

Ellie didn’t want to head home today.  She was very excited about reading all the books (and putting them away when she’s done, because she was raised well!).  Once done with what seemed like the 10th book, Ryan took her by the hand and she walked with us to the door.   We stopped and she put on her sneakers.   As we were walking to the car, she said, “No Mama, over here!”  She wanted to take end of day photos by the school sign again.  I have a feeling this is going to be our routine for a while.  Ellie loves routine!

Another successful day of school, Ellie Belly.  So excited to watch you learn and grow and develop new skills!