Things I’d Only Say To My Toddler

Ellie! Stop trying to suffocate Tigger!


You know you’re raising a toddler when you start yelling out sentences like that.  Ellie (my toddler) was trying to suffocate our cat, Tigger.  Now, does she comprehend that her actions might hurt Tigger?  No.  Does she think it’s funny to try and cover him in blankets or sheets?  Yes. She also thinks it’s funny when Tigger is in boxes.  And it’s even funnier when she tries to close the box with him still in it.

Maybe it’s her own version of non-compliant hide and go seek?

I think I should definitely make a regular blow post of “Things I’d Only Say To My Toddler”.  Just yesterday, we had to yell out, “Ellie, please stop trying to kiss all of the strangers!”  The strangers all found that one very amusing.

What is the funniest thing your toddler has caused you to yell out?  :D