Places I Plan To Vist

These are places we want to visit in the future. Some are in planning mode, some aren’t.

Planning Mode

St. Maarten/St. Thomase - (booking a November 2013 cruise.)
Honduras/Belize - (booking a January 2014 cruise.)
Disney Cruise to Bahamas - (looking at a 2014 cruise.)
Hawaii - (looking at 2014 cruise, potentially. Would like to do a landstay visit some time in the future when Baby is older.)
UK – (looking at a 2014 trip. We’ll one-way fly to London and tour around, visiting some on and off the beaten path sites. We’ll likely attach this to additional European vacation.)
Europe/Mediterranean – (looking at a 2014 trip. We’d take a train from UK to France, Spain, Italy, spending time in areas of interest. We’ll likely attach this to our trans-Atlantic cruise.)
Trans-Atlantic Cruise – (looking at a 2014 trip. We’d end up at debarkation port after our European train adventure. Have to wait until at least 2013 because Baby has to be at least 1 year old to travel trans-Atlantic.)
Madagascar - (looking at a 2015 or 2016 trip, when Baby is old enough. We may leave Baby with family while we visit for a week or 10 days.)

In The Future

Australia - (while we both want to go, the airline prices just haven’t been in our favor. We have friends we could stay with in some areas, which would reduce cost, but airline fees have been a tad prohibitive.)
New Zealand - (we’d likely add New Zealand and Australia into one trip, in order to save airline fees. We would need at least 2 weeks, which is entirely possible. The best thing about my job is that it is fairly mobile, so I can work out of a lovely coffee shop in either of the above locales.)
South Africa - (Ryan and I wanted to visit during World Cup, but things got too hectic, with the wedding and my lupus flare up. We don’t have any current plans, but if we go to Madagascar, we might just do a day trip to say hello to friends.)
Alaska - (One of my favorites memories is our trip to Alaska with my Nanny. I really want to revisit Alaska when Ellie is old enough to understand what that trip meant to me.)

Successful Visits

Progreso/Cozumel - (Cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy, February 2011)
Alaska - (Cruise on the Norwegian Star, September 2011)
Key West, FL and the Bahamas - (Cruise on the Carnival Magic, Jan 13-20, 2013)

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